BREAKING:Religion of Peace Strikes Again: “Muslim terrorist kills British Soldier with meat cleavers in streets of London”

From one of my favorite blogs, and one-time “Blog of the Day” here, Fire Andrea Mitchell (VIDEO of Islamic head choper bragging at link):

A Muslim terrorist has killed a British Woolwich solider in the street of London. The terrorist even bragged about it on video holding the bloody meat cleaver as the dead Woolwich soldier’s body lay in the streets of South London. The terrorist yelled Allahu Ackbar and severed the head of the British solider in typical barbaric Muslim fashion. Right now it is not known if there is just one terrorist, or two. Some reports, such as Sky News report there may be a second terrorist, both with blood-stained hands and holding two bladed weapons.


Will LSM report this story? Will they report this gruesome scene ended when these maniacs were shot, as in with guns?

Thank God the London police had their firearms, and thank God for the 2nd amendment.


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