Remaking America: Over 6000 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US in 2016

Remaking America file: Of the over 6000 Syrians admitted to the US so far in 2016, how many are Christian? Answer: 23


Sure, because Christians aren’t persecuted AT ALL in Syria.

From CNS News:

 With ten weeks to go until the end of the fiscal year, the Obama administration continues to admit Syrian refugees at an accelerated pace, and has now exceeded two-thirds of President Obama’s target of 10,000 by September 30.

The proportion of Christians among those resettled continues to languish below half of one percent, while other non-Sunnis account for just over one percent.

As of Monday, 1,515 Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war in their homeland had been admitted since the beginning of July, and a total of 6,726 since FY 2016 began on October 1, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data.…

But wait given the three attacks last week in Germany by “refugees” or asylum seekers (reported here, here and here), surely our government has decided to revisit Obama’s plan to import at least 10,000 Syrians by September 30, 2016. Uh no

From The Washington Examiner:

President Obama is standing by his decision to ramp up the admission of Syrian refugees to the United States even after three refugees from Islamic countries attacked people in Germany over the last week.

The 10,000 Syrian refugees the president wants to admit by October are subjected to more thorough screening and vetting than anyone trying to enter the United States, White House spokesman Josh Earnest stressed Monday.

“That’s why the president has confidence ramping up the number of refugees admitted to the United States,” Earnest told reporters during his daily briefing. “Obviously, almost all of them are innocent people fleeing violence in their own countries — some of them are innocents fleeing genocide.

“The president feels like the U.S. has a responsibility to do our part to try to provide relief for people fleeing that type of violence,” he said.

Vetting? FBI Director James Comey told us last year that we can’t vet them at all. Watch in this post.

Don’t expect to hear any mention of this extremely dangerous policy at tonight’s ridiculous Democrat convention. They are going to be busy pandering to blacks by listening to speeches from the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and other victims of “racist Amerika.”

What do you think of Obama’s policy on “refugee resettlement?” How about Hillary’s plan to ramp up the importation of the 3rd world into America by taking not 10,000 but 65,000? Did you know her proposal is estimated to cost over $400 billion in lifetime costs? Please comment below.


  1. There is no interest in giving Christians, the one group that actually needs it, refuge. That does nothing to further the agenda of fundamentally transforming this country. Bringing in large numbers of Muslims does.

    • Precisely, Robert. The radical leftists and card-carrying communist (we have direct evidence of only the one, even though there were probably more, of course) who mentored Obama gagged whenever anyone describes America as a “Christian nation,” being godless marxists. If they were to embrace any religion, though, Islam would fill the bill for the same reason that a lot of black separatists radicals chose it. It was not the religion of those evil, slave-owning dead white Europeans who founded this country, a country that deserves endless payback. He has spent the last 7.5 years working on that.

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