Remaking America Pile: Twice Deported Illegal Held in Brutal Murder

Obama’s Remaking America continues. Illegal amnesty, open borders and the importation of unvetted Muslims from jihadist hotbeds are his disgusting legacy.


From the Washington Post:

A 28-year-old gang member charged in the brutal stabbing death of a Maryland teenager had been deported twice to El Salvador in the past two years, according to U.S. immigration officials and Montgomery County prosecutors.

Oscar Delgado-Perez was ordered held without bond during his first court appearance Friday in a killing that detectives suspect was over gang bragging rights.

On June 16, Delgado-Perez and at least two other members of the MS-13 gang stabbed Cristian Villagran-Morales, 18, more than 40 times in a park in Gaithersburg as he begged for his life, according to authorities. Delgado-Perez “directed” the attack, detectives wrote in an affidavit filed in court. Police had been searching for him for more than two months and found him Wednesday at a Red Roof Inn in Rockville.

And get this: He told the cops “If I hadn’t been drunk this morning, you guys would never have caught me.”

Here’s another interesting little nugget:

Delgado-Perez, charged with first-degree murder, had been living in the Montgomery Village area and working as a roofer to support his 6-year-old child, according to Stephanie Ferner, a public defender who represented him in court Friday.

Anchor baby, anyone?

Read the whole article, but only if you have a strong stomach, to learn the details of the activities of MS-13 in Montgomery County.

Here’s the best part, something that we hope we won’t see in years to come:

How Delgado-Perez repeatedly entered the United States, and why he was deported twice, remain unclear.

Gee, I think I may know the answer. Would you care to speculate? Please do so in the comments below.


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