Remind Me. Why is Hillary Rodham Clinton “one of the finest secretaries of state we have ever had?”

Yesterday’s slobbering Lame Stream Media coverage of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s last day as Secretary of State was the culmination of a week-long celebratory send off, which began with her joint “60 Minutes” interview with B.Hussein Obama, followed by a lovely $250,000 parting gift and days of endless praise for the terrific job she did.

Some of us are scratching our heads trying to figure out what people like Chris Matthews, Howard Fineman and other Obama operatives are talking about. Add the Financial Times to that group.

For someone who once attracted furious and even unhinged criticism from all sides of politics and the press, Mrs Clinton left office to adulation from Democrats, near-fawning from the media and respect from many Republicans.

The problem with Mrs Clinton’s adulatory send-off is that it invites the question of what she has achieved in her four years at the state department. …

But while she has scored high marks for stamina (956,733 air miles clocked up), competence and for winning positive press for her country, there are few of the distinctive accomplishments that defined the legacies of Henry Kissinger or James Baker.

She leaves office with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process languishing. The engagement with Iran and North Korea that Mr Obama promised has produced no results, while the political reconciliation that might prevent another civil war in Afghanistan remains a distant prospect.

Syria is in flames, Egypt not far from collapse and Libya, where the US ambassador and three other Americans were killed last year, is flooded with weapons that are destabilising its neighbours.

So, as I said on last Sunday’s show, unless we’re counting frequent flyer miles, what did she really accomplish?

Hillary Clinton is another liberal empty suit (skirt). There is no there there.


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