Rep. Akin, This is No Time for Ego. It’s Time to Say Goodbye.

Those who know me well will vouch for the fact that I am not a fan of unsolicited advice. If there’s one thing I never want to be it’s what we lawyers call “the officious intermeddler,” what regular people would call someone who hasn’t learned to mind his own business. I also despise the knee-jerk impulse by most politicians to scatter like cockroaches whenever a colleague steps in it. So, I haven’t said much about the Ted Akin “legitimate rape” fiasco that started Sunday. And some of you said I’d never have anything in common with Bill Clinton. He is one of the few politicians who hasn’t weighed in on this issue. I can’t imagine why not …

Is it just me, or should an alleged grownup in a responsible position think twice before uttering the phrase “legitimate rape?” Dude, we know you meant “forcible rape,” as a way of distinguishing it from the idiotic notion, invented and perpetuated by liberals, of “date rape,” but that’s not what you said, and as I am fond of saying, words mean things. Frankly, the older I get, the less tolerance I have for stupid, and this comment was just that. Don’t we have enough stupid in Washington as it is? Of course we do!

It’s unquestionable that Rep. Akin, for the good of the country, should step aside. All his support, including that crucial financial support, has dried up. Karl Roves’ super PAC, Crossroads GPS and the National Republican Senatorial Committee have announced that as long as Rep. Akin is the candidate, they won’t spend a dime on this race. Plus, the polls showing Akin still ahead are pure agit-prop baloney, with a sample skewed to make it look like this guy isn’t box office poison. He is.

Perhaps we need some help from Mama Grizzly #1, who endorsed one of Akin’s primary opponents, former state Treasurer Sarah Steelman, right before the August 7 election. Governor Palin, please see what you can do to make this right. As you know, there’s way too much at stake to potentially lose this race. Nothing less than the future of America is on the ballot on November 6.

Rep. Akin, staying in the race doesn’t make you courageous. It makes you stubborn and egotistical. If you do the right thing, you could live to fight another day. If you don’t, you could go down in history as the guy who cost America the Senate.


  1. Evelyn,
    I agree with you, and the more I think about this case, I wonder if it’s possible that this guy didn’t make this ridiculous destructive statement on purpose. More on that later on this blog.

  2. Palin was on Gretta last night and said that if he doesn’t step down by the next deadline in Sept, that Sarah Steelman should run as a third party candidate. Sarah and Sarah are on the case!

  3. So glad you asked, Garnet about “date rape.” I will reply in another post.

  4. What do you think of that idea, Darla? Running Sarah Steelman as a third-party candidate that is?

  5. While I initially like the idea of have Steelman run as a third party candidate. From what I understand now, it is too late to file to be a 3rd party candidate, and the Sarah would have to be chosen by the GOP if Akin steps down. The GOP is pretty stubborn about their selections, and I doubt they would chose Sarah if Akin does step down. Also, Brunner received more votes than Steelman.
    If she could haverun as a 3rd party candidate? I am influenced by all of the pundits I hear about what a terrible idea this would be. However, poor “Achin'” really did himself in. He doesn’t seem too astute politically to have conversed with the press in such a naiive, weird manner. He also seems rather milktoasty. Third party candidates have won before, and in the Tea Party climate, more upsets are possible than in the past. However, upon reflection, it probably would not have been a good idea, especially if Akin is replaced by a GOP candidate, because, in the general election, many people vote a straight party ticket, the vote would be split between the GOP & the 3rd Party, and there might not be the time needed to gin up enough support for Sarah (as in the Scott Brown election).

  6. You’re probably right, Darla. Perhaps the 2 Sarahs need to work on convincing Akin that he can still get out. I’m sure that someone would be willing to pay for the cost of reprinting the ballots, which I understand someone would have to do if the court allows him to exit before 9/25

  7. I just posted about “date rape.” Enjoy.

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