Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) and Best-Selling Author Richard Miniter: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Now that Osama bin Laden is sleeping with fishes, dispatched to his paradise and those 72 virgins he promised so many he duped into a life of murder-suicide, we have seen nearly 72 versions of what really happened one week ago in that filthy, ramshackle “luxury” mansion where our brave SEALS delivered swift and appropriate justice. What accounts for the series of ever-changing stories that made the Obama administration look incompetent and ridiculous, despite the knee-pad media’s endless repetition of the Dear Reader’s “gutsiness” and steely determination? Was it his haste to rush before the cameras and take credit for an operation ten years in the making before talking to those who had been on the ground actually carrying it out? Or could David Plouffe and the campaign operatives wanted to stretch the story out for a whole week, to distract Americans from the limping economy, increasing unemployment and gas prices that leave all of us feeling broke and dispirited?


We’ll discuss these questions and more with two special guests. First, we’re delighted to welcome the man who ruined Rahm Emanuel’s day back in November 2006, when he defeated Rhambo’s handpicked candidate and was elected to Congress. Rep. Peter Roskam represents the Sixth District of Illinois, and is the 4th ranking member of the House leadership. Will the House stand firm and refuse to raise the debt ceiling without major concessions from the democrats on spending, including perhaps even a balanced budget amendment and complete defunding of Obamacare? We’ll ask Cong. Roskam.


Our second guest is that rare combination of gifted writer and dogged investigative journalist, Richard Miniter, author of Losing Bin Laden, Shadow War, Disinformation, and his latest, Mastermind: the Many Faces of 9/11 Architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. This page turner reads like a novel and informs like nobody’s business. We’ll find out why it was so important to KSM to personally behead Daniel Pearl, and also discuss the role Janet Reno and the ACLU played in helping to fund the legal defense of admitted al Qaeda terrorists. As one who has interviewed hundreds with first-hand knowledge of KSM and al Qaeda, what’s his take on the revived debate about enhanced interrogation? And because we always share enticing tidbits of information that you don’t hear anywhere else, we’ll also learn what KSM’s al Qaeda nickname has to do with a certain American fast food chain.


In a Second Amendment Update, we’ll explore the latest walking, talking example of democrat hypocrisy  on the issue of gun control, outgoing Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley.


Finally, on this Mothers’ Day, it’s notable that one group of moms, despite its increasing numbers, feels a lack of respect from society at large. Seriously? Are these women simply attempting to attain the current most coveted status as victims, or do they really have legitimate beef?


Tune in today for the rest of the story.



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