Reparations Have to Start Somewhere File: Taxpayers’ Price for Obamas’ Jet-setting Lifestyle

This morning, during a well-deserved water break from a grueling set of bench presses, one of the other Gym Goddesses asked me how much taxpayers have spent on vacations for the One, the First Klingon and their spawn. I said this latest one cost $7 million, which is what is pretty much the consensus, but the overall figure is much, much more, probably closer to over $20 million. From The White House Dossier:

The $20 million figure is based on estimates of the cost of the four Hawaii vacations the Obamas have taken during Christmastime 2009-2012. According to a detailed breakdown by the Hawaii Reporter, the annual excursions in 2009, 2010, and 2011 cost about $4 million, much of it attributable to the expense of taking Air Force One, at an hour rate of about $180,000, on an eighteen-hour roundtrip journey to Honolulu and back.

New Year's Day, 2012

New Year’s Day, 2012

But $4 million almost certainly underestimates the true tally, as it does not include many miscellaneous items like the cost of flying advance teams out to Hawaii and separate flights Michelle Obama took in 2010 and 2011, when she left ahead of her husband, who was forced to stay in Washington to finish up work with Congress.

This year, Obama returned from Hawaii to complete a deal on the Fiscal Cliff and then jetted back to Honolulu, where he is now engaged in Part 2 of his vacation. The second roundtrip flight added about $3.24 million to the tab this time, bringing the cost of the 2012-1013 vacation to well over $7 million.

If we assume the estimates are probably quite low, then it’s likely to the bill for the combined vacations is more than $20 million.

As the publisher of The White House Dossier, Keith Koffler, notes times are tough all over this country, and most American families have cut way back on, if not completely eliminated, vacations. But that sort of thing is for the little people, the ones who pay for all this luxury, not for Barack and Michelle.

It’s good to be the king.

Remember, as we frequently note in this space (please check out this FLASHBACK, which I know you will enjoy!), Barack and Michelle figure that reparations for all the evil perpetrated by racist Amerika for centuries, which they learned about from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, have to start somewhere, so why not with them?


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