Reuters: FBI Investigating 300 Admitted to U.S. as Refugees

Letting in unvetted “refugees” from jihadist hotbeds? What could possibly go wrong?


From Reuters:

The FBI is investigating 300 people who were admitted into the United States as refugees as part of 1,000 counterterrorism investigations involving Islamic State or individuals inspired by the militant group, congressional sources told Reuters on Monday, citing senior administration officials.

Department of Homeland Security officials did not provide details of the investigations or the current immigration status of those 300 individuals during a briefing with congressional staffers, according to the sources, who requested anonymity.

So that’s approximately 1/3 of the terrorist-tie investigations that the FBI is currently conducting! We are spending precious resources on investigating people who shouldn’t be here in the first place!

Oh but let’s not give priority to Christians fleeing head chopping Islamist lunatics!

Apparently the revised Executive Order on travel and entry restrictions into the United States will not include a preference for Christians, which is extremely disappointing.

From The Wall Street Journal:

The new order is expected to remove a provision giving preference to refugees who are members of religious minorities, which was expected to benefit Christians coming from Muslim nations, several people said. It is unclear if this or possibly other changes would be enough to address those concerns.

And, as my friend, and one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Ann Corcoran, publisher of Refugee Resettlement Watch points out, contrary to what you have heard from the clueless idiots who present the pretend news and the agenda-driven propagandists on cable tv, we currently do have a religious test for refugees, courtesy of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg. Read more about that here.

The news about these FBI investigations demonstrate the wisdom of the president’s idea of extreme vetting, which I believe is long overdue. Do you agree? Please let me know in the comments below.

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