Rhodes Pro-Iran Deception May Have Violated U.S. Law

As you know, “Deputy National Security Advisor” Ben Rhodes, the would-be novelist with ZERO national security experience, ran a propaganda scam on the American people.

According to a witness at yesterday’s hearing before Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s House Oversight Committee, this war room operation may have violated U.S.law, and even scammed U.S. Secretary of State, John “Lurch” Kerry.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The Obama administration’s efforts to create a so-called “echo chamber” meant to mislead reporters and lawmakers about the substance of last summer’s comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran may have violated U.S. laws against the establishment of domestic propaganda outfits, according to testimony to Congress by a former Pentagon adviser.

Top U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, may have fallen victim to a massive spin operation helmed by White House national security adviser Ben Rhodes, who has come under intense scrutiny following a magazine profile detailing his efforts to mislead the American public and prominent D.C. insiders about the Iran deal, according to testimony offered Tuesday before the House Oversight Committee.

The administration late Monday declined to make Rhodes available to testify to Congress about his press operation, which was run out of the White House by Rhodes and other top members of the National Security Council.

In lieu of Rhodes, the Oversight Committee invited three former U.S. officials to discuss the ways in which the pro-Iran effort intentionally misinformed Congress and negatively impacted American national security.

Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser who testified, told the Washington Free Beacon following the hearing that Congress has grounds to launch an investigation into whether these efforts may have violated U.S. laws against the establishment of domestic propaganda campaigns targeting Americans.

“Rhodes essentially bragged about creating a propaganda operation,” Rubin told the Free Beacon. “It wasn’t simply about spin, rather, it was about denying facts he knew to be true, feeding outright lies into the mainstream press through sympathetic enablers and supposed independent experts on the Ploughshares trough whom he knew were anything but independent.”

“In effect,” Rubin explained, “he was running a propaganda operation against the American public and other officials. There are laws against that. Unfortunately, it seems that Kerry himself—a person whom even staffers have described as too credulous—got caught in that web.”

And, the adolescent scribbler who bragged about deceiving everyone to help make Obama’s dream of an Iran with nuclear weapons, Ben Rhodes, didn’t show up. Apparently the Regime may be asserting “executive privilege,” even though once Rhodes ran his mouth to the New York Times, that claim is out the window. It’s only for CONFIDENTIAL communications between the president and his senior advisors. I realize that the New York Times doesn’t have much circulation, but that notwithstanding, once its in there, it’s no longer “confidential.”

By the way, how perfect is it that a guy who fancies himself a creative writer is the “national security adviser” for an unqualified, affirmative-assisted empty suit, who used what I can charitably call deception (actually the biggest con ever ran in American politics) to get elected?

Rep. Chaffetz says he may subpoena Ben Rhodes. I think that is an excellent idea, Jason. Get on it.


  1. If what this man has done is not illegal it should be. Call me old fashioned but I expect the people who work for our President to be honest and trustworthy.

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