RIP Premo Mondone, Founder of Red State Talk Radio

Red State Talk RadioI got some very sad news late last night. I had uploaded my show to the Red State Talk Radio servers, as I do every week after The Teri O’Brien Show ends, and thought about sending an email to Premo Mondone, the network’s founder and the guy who for over 5 years has worked unbelievably hard to create a place where over 40 conservative shows can find a home. I wanted to make sure he knew I had uploaded it because the previous week I had done it later than usual, and he reached out to me. I didn’t email him, though, figuring he would see that the show was there.

Then I found out a couple of hours later that he had passed away on Saturday. He had a heart attack and was gone. I am so very sad about this news. He will truly be missed. He was a great patriot, an amazingly hard worker, and a mentor to many.

Premo reached out to me back in 2009, when The Teri O’Brien Show was still on Blog Talk Radio. I was very flattered and happy to join the network. We won Red State’s Talk Show of the Year for 2011, which was quite an honor. The future of Red State Talk Radio remains a tad up in the air, although thanks to Red State’s recent partnership with Cowboy Logic Radio, and the amazing Don Neuen and Donna Fiducia, who run it, for now things will continue.

As any of you know who have experienced the sudden and completely unexpected death of a friend, it’s very difficult and leaves you feeling like you have been punched in the stomach.

So, I ask your prayers for Premo and his family. May he rest in peace.


  1. Sorry for your loss.

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