Barack Flirts with Danish PM: I Think There Might Be a Rolling Pin in Barack’s Future

UPDATED to add another photo of pissed off Michelle:

Barack and Helle

Mooch doesn’t look very happy that Barry is having a fabulous time taking “selfies” with David Cameron and the Prime Minister of Denmark.


This photo reminds me of another time when Mooch was less than delighted in the presence of another, and far more attractive, woman than she. Remember when Michelle met French 1st lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy?

Write your own caption, and post it in the comments!

Write your own caption, and post it in the comments!


  1. “He wanted me to take the photo, but I refused to stand with my back to the crowd.” -Moochelle

  2. “That’s a RED line, Mister!”

  3. Don’t get me wrong Teri… Barack is no prize. My FB Page attests to that. How we ever found ourselves in the clutches of these two still amazes me?

  4. We have all wondered what caption goes best with this photo of Michelle glaring daggers through French 1st lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy. It’s obvious, what Michelle must be thinking, so I can only conclude that, the photo itself speaks volumes.
    “Some women are perfectly built for photos and shopping. Some women are the perfect reason why Photoshop was built”.
    You can choose which one.

  5. I can just hear it now: “Barack, get your skinny ass in here! I want to talk to you about you acting a fool at the funeral with that skinny blonde slut from Finland, or Norway, or whatever and wherever the hell she’s supposed to be the Prime Minister of, if that’s even true. I’ll be leaving without you for Hawaii, by the way.”

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