Ruh-Roh. Even the Lo Fos Are Catching On, and Placing the Blame for the Economy Where It Belongs, on Obama

It appears that even the low information types, who think they know what’s going on because they watch vacuous, moronic programs like “Good Morning America,” which at best are just pop culture pap, and at worst is part of the Obama administration disinformation campaign, might be figuring it out, at least when it comes to the economy. From one of the Left’s favorite bloggers, the Liberal Death Star’s Nate Silver: 

CNN poll conducted March 15 to 17 found that respondents were split in whom they preferred on handling of “the federal budget and the way the government raises and spends money,” 47 percent for Mr. Obama and 46 percent for Republicans. The CNN poll had another worrying number for Mr. Obama. The last time a government shutdown was in the news, in September 2011, CNN found that 47 percent of respondents thought Republicans in Congress would be more responsible for a shutdown if it occurred. Just one-third of respondents said Mr. Obama would be to blame. But CNN asked the question again in its mid-March survey and found that Mr. Obama’s advantage was gone; 40 percent of respondents said they would blame Congressional Republicans for a government shutdown and 38 percent said they would blame Mr. Obama.

I guess when people have lots of time on their hands because they have no jobs, and they can’t watch one more episode of “Inside Edition” they resort to actually activating their rusty cerebral cortexes. Emotionally-driven white guilt and celebutard worship only goes so far, Barry. You’re lucky so many people are so clueless about the facts, otherwise at least 90% would blame you for the situation that you’ve created in the process of “remaking” America.

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