Almost Never Happens, But Rush Was Wrong Re Law Hillary Violated

I couldn’t believe my ears, but it’s true. Rush always likes to say “never doubt me.” He’s stealing my lines, and as I show here, I am the one who correctly says that.









Unfortunately, as is so often the case, my fingers couldn’t keep up with my brain so there is a typo in my tweet. Should say “SO do I”, no “Do do I.”

Right before the end of the first hour of this show today, Rush said that he had checked the statute involved in Hillary’s email scandal, and that intent is required for a violation. Wrong.

Listen to the audio here:

When he came back from the break, having read a piece by multiple appearance Teri O’Brien Show guest, Andrew McCarthy, he revised his statement.

Andy’s excellent piece here. Yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show completely anticipated today’s events.

Never doubt me.


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