Russian Zoo Names New Goat “Obama”

Goat? I would have thought a jackass, but of course, when it comes to America losing, he is definitely the goat.

This goat is better looking that Obama, actually.

From The New York Post:

A Russian zoo took an incredibly offensive jab at the Leader of the Free World, naming its new black goat “Obama.”

The animal was recently welcomed to the Primorsky Safari Park in Shkotovo from a farm in Sochi, and in a failed attempt at humor, park officials claim they tried to bring the animal to visit Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But the leader supposedly refused because he “holds no meetings with goats,” park director Dmitry Mezentsev told NBC News.

“It took a while to prepare the paperwork for Obama’s move. Guarantees were required that Obama would bring no pests, that Obama has no tapeworms etc.,” Mezentsev said in a statement.

On top of the obvious distastefulness of the choice of name, Russians use the term “goat” as an insult to refer to someone who is obtuse or stubborn.


  1. “…failed attempt at humor…” How is this a FAIL???

  2. Silly, Beth. The 1980’s called. They want their foreign policy back! Oh wait-that was the jackass to Romney in 2012, going full Alinsky on his claim that Russia was a threat to our national security. Of course, they are taking more shots at this fool! No one respects him. Michelle probably makes him clean the toilet.

  3. “Michelle probably makes him clean the toilet.”

    LMAO!!!!! Just launched a glass of milk through my nose!!!!

  4. I think that this goat knows more about foreign policy than Obama.

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