Bernie Sanders Donors: 1/4 of them Are Unemployed

Who donates to the Bernie Sanders’ campaign? People who don’t work. Where do they get the money? Guess.


In some cases, Bernie Sanders has gotten over $5000 from people who don’t work.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Small-dollar contributions have been the fuel that has propelled Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid, making it one of the most successful insurgent campaigns in Democratic party history, but little has been known about those donors because campaigns don’t have to publicize the names of people who give $200 or less.

Now, a Times analysis of nearly 7 million individual contributions has provided unprecedented detail about the army of people behind the $27 donations Sanders mentions at virtually every campaign stop.
Many resemble Emily Condit, 40 of Sylmar, who has contributed three times — $5 each — to the Vermont senator’s campaign.

Condit, who has several physical disabilities, is among the largest single group of Sanders’ donors — those who don’t have a job. Of the $209 million given to the Vermont senator’s campaign, about one out of every four dollars came from those not in the workforce, who include the unemployed or retired.

For the last 15 years, since Condit left a job at NASA, her ailments have kept her from working. She depends on Social Security and lives on a tight budget but has found money for Sanders because she was drawn to his populist message.

“I know very well now what it’s like to be a have-not, both financially and physically, and to fall through the cracks of society,” she said. “Bernie Sanders is running on a platform to lift up the have-nots and to improve the system of government we have, so that no one will ever be left behind.”

No one left behind? You know, just like Venezuela.

The story also features a 60-something nurse practitioner who left her job to “spend more time with her family.”

Both Bernie and Hillary want to make it illegal for people to use their own money to support political campaigns. Here’s an idea. Let’s make it illegal for people on public assistance to use taxpayer money to contribute to politicians who are buying their votes.

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  1. @FactsYouDecide Do you agree that we should make it illegal for people on public assistance to use taxpayer money to contribute to politicians who are buying their votes?

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