Sec. of Labor Thomas Perez Commie Online Book Club

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Here’s a shocker. Hardened leftist, open borders proponent, and the man responsible for blocking the prosecution of the New Black Panther thugs who intimidated white voters in 2008, Sec. of Labor Thomas Perez has put out a suggested reading list filled with the writings of socialists, communists and Stalinist apologists. The From The Daily Caller:

Socialist, Communist, and McCarthy-era blacklisted writers appear on the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) new “Books That Shaped Work in America” list celebrating the department’s 100th anniversary.

A Socialist leader, two Stalin apologists, two blacklisted ’50s screenwriters, and a suspected Marxist are included on the list, which DOL compiled based on recommendations from various figures in the community. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez described the program as an “online book club.

More of your tax dollars at work in the age of Obama.

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