Secret Service Sex Scandal–at the 2002 Olympics?

Just about 15 minutes ago, during the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing about the Secret Service Prostitution scandal, Sen. Lieberman asked Acting Inspector General Charles Edwards about an incident that was in one of the reports submitted to the committee prior to the hearing. Apparently at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, local police broke up a party involving 3 agents and “underaged females” drinking in a hotel room. During the brief exchange about this incident, Director Sullivan was informed, and reported to Sen. Lieberman, that the “females” we’re under 21, not 18, which is very significant under the laws of the state of Utah.

Interestingly, the incident wasn’t reported until a month ago, on April 20, by way of a tip line set up by the Secret Service.

So much for that stupid Romney campaign trying to say that the former Massachusetts governor saved the Olympics, huh? I know it sounds ridiculous, but when you see the Priorities USA ad with the scary voiceover, the ominous soundtrack, and the blurry re-enactment video, remember you heard it here first.

In other hearing news, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) played the role of Obama administration apologist, opening his questioning with “cast the first stone” story from the Bible. His presentation was so riveting that as he mumbled his question to Dir. Sullivan, IG Edwards appeared to fall asleep.

Aren’t you glad I watch so you don’t have to?

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