Secular Left-Wing Rag Time Magazine’s New “Historic” Fave is The Pope

I have repeatedly warned you that the use of the word “historic” by the media to create a cult of personality around their latest left-wing celebrity is a HUGE red flag (see Carol Moseley Braun, and Barack Hussein Obama). I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that the reason is not only because he’s “historic” because he’s the first pope from Latin America. No, it’s also because he embraces the touchy-feely, emotionally-driven, Outback Steakhouse view of the Catholic Church; that is, forget those irritating prohibitions against abortion and homosexuality, come back and pretend to be a true believer. Put down your crystals and whatever other crap you got from the Oprah to help you feel spiritual and we will welcome you even if you want to join the club without following the rules. The money quote from the Time editor explaining this rationale occurs at ~1:30 in the video above.


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