Senate Majority to Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Enough Attacking Sen. Jeff Sessions

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Squaw speak with forked tongue, and the Republicans finally had enough.

From The Washington Times:

Fed up with what they said were out-of-bounds Democratic attacks on President Trump’s attorney general nominee, Republicans struck back Tuesday night, voting to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren for inappropriate behavior on the floor of the Senate.

The 49-43 vote, which broke along party lines, meant Ms. Warren was not able to continue her floor speech attacking Sen. Jeff Sessions, one of her colleagues and Mr. Trump’s nominee to head the Justice Department.

It marked a new low in already frosty relations in Washington, where Democrats have mounted strenuous objections to Mr. Trump’s agenda. But going after Mr. Sessions, a longtime colleague who has worked with many of the Democrats in the chamber, was too much for the GOP.

It’s horrible to watch these democrats being forced by Chuck Schumer to engage in these ridiculous all-night blabberfests to appease their deranged and perpetually enraged base, although I must admit that I enjoyed seeing this phony liberal hypocrite Elizabeth Warren being told to sit down and shut up. How about you?


  1. Life is good these days…. Stand back kiddies, the adults are back!

  2. If there was ever a sitting Senator that needed to be officially told to sit down and be quiet it is Elizabeth Warren. She makes Al Franken appear reasonable which is really saying something. The Senate used to be an august body of legislators. Now it is rapidly becoming a clown college.

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