Senate Showdown Today-Dems Continue Their Lawless Ways

Maybe it’s time for McCain to dredge up the anti-nuclear option gang that he came up with in 2005. At least it would give him something to do other than trying to sell out the American middle class with amnesty for illegals, or enabling the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood. I say that because Harry Reid is threatening to change the Senate’s filibuster rules to make sure that Barack Obama can get several of his radical leftist nominees in place, included two for the National Labor Relations Board, Richard Griffin and Sharon Block, that were illegally appointed. That issue is before the Supreme Court now, and Republicans want those two nominees swaped out for two that they can vote on today.

Last night they held a closed door meeting reminiscent of the sessions that Congress held right before the Civil War, another time when our country was teetering on a precipice.

These people are such hypocrites. As usual, they start something by taking a sledgehammer to traditional institutions, then whine when the victims of their attacks fight back. Way back in 2001, right after George W. Bush was inaugurated, the democrats held a retreat where several liberal activists suggested a very destructive plan to obstruct the new President’s judicial nominees; that is, using the filibuster to block them. The democrats loved the idea, especially Illinois’ Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin. After Republican staffers accessed Senate computer, we learned that Eddie was taking his marching orders from left-wing interest groups like People for the American Way, who were understandably terrified that the brilliant and “especially dangerous” Miguel Estrada would be appointed to the D.C. Circuit, a stepping stone to the Supreme Court, because “he is Latino.” They filibustered him for two years before he finally gave up on the process.

They are scheduled to vote today on Richard Corday. The Republicans oppose him because they are opposed to the Imperial Presidency. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created by the disastrous Dodd-Frank law, is completely unaccountable to Congress. An NPR reporter just said on C-SPAN just said that Republican Sen. John Thune stated that the GOP will let the Cordray nomination go through, but are still holding firm on the illegal NLRB nominees.

As we have seen so many times over the last 5 years, when Barack Obama doesn’t get his way, the law be damned, the Constitution be damned, and now the Senate rules be damned. Be careful, Sen. Reid. The democrats will not be in the majority forever. If they are, the issue of the filibuster will be a bit of historical trivia because the United States of America as we know it will be over.


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