Send a Short Note Like This One to Your Congressman, and Demand Answers About Food Stamp Recruitment in Mexico

As you probably know, over the course of Barack Obama’s presidency, food stamp rolls have exploded. In fact, during Pres. Obama’s first term, food stamp growth was 75x higher than job growth. I have seen numerous representatives of the administration, and many democrat members of Congress asked about this very disturbing trend. The answer is always the same: “He (Barack Obama) inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression.” Perhaps, but is that really the reason? I ask because last week, thanks to a Freedom of Information request to the Dept. of Agriculture, we learned that our government is working with the Mexican government to promote the SNAP program to would-be illegal aliens. Link here:

I find this activity by our government outrageous and unacceptable, and I want to know what Congress plans to do about it. Is there no oversight of the USDA? What justification can there be for this activity? I await your explanation.

Very truly yours, Teri O’Brien


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