Seniors, If You Love Your Grandchildren, You Need to Dump AARP

The stealth left-wing interest group AARP has begun running new Mediscare ads, urging its millions of members to stop looking for discounts on their stays at the Best Western in Branson long enough to urge the “supercommittee” not to “target” Medicare and Social Security benefits in their efforts to reduce the deficit.

Isn’t this the same AARP that supported Obama’s ridiculously titled “Affordable Care Act,” which raids Medicare to the tune of $500 billion? Recall this unintentionally hilarious exchange between Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) and future Death Panel Head HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius:

In her first appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee since the health-care law passed, Kathleen Sebelius responded to a line of questioning by Republican Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois about whether $500 billion in Medicare cuts were used to sustain the program or pay for the law.

“There is an issue here on the budget because your own actuary has said you can’t double-count,” said Shimkus. “You can’t count — they’re attacking Medicare on the CR when their bill, your law, cut $500 billion from Medicare.”

He continued: “Then you’re also using the same $500 billion to what? Say your funding health care. Your own actuary says you can’t do both. […] What’s the $500 billion in cuts for? Preserving Medicare or funding the health-care law?

Sebelius’ reply? “Both.”

I have a couple of suggestions for all you retirees out there. First, if you really love the grandchildren that you are endlessly boring your friends talking about, stop propping up an organization that is contributing to the gradual destruction of the country you grew up in. Is that really worth a few bucks off your next car rental? Serioulsy, you people have got to start connecting some dots. (If you are interested in your precious senior discounts, you can join the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).) Second, when you call AARP to cancel your membership, ask them why, if they are so concerned about Medicare and Social Security they are lying about the efforts to keep up from going belly up by 2017. Finally, also ask them how they could support a law that would lead to rationing and denial of care to the very group they claim to represent.


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