Seriously?? This androgynous being is supposed to be a representative young American?

I guess I understand now why they need to stay on Mommy and Daddy’s health insurance until they’re 26.

Obamacare jammie hipster
There was a bar in the town where I attended college. Well, actually there were a lot of bars, but the one I’m thinking of attracted what at that time was considered a bizarrely creepy clientele. Today many of the denizens of this dark, smoky place, with their piercings, their partially-shaved heads covered in part by hair in colors that don’t occur in nature, wouldn’t look out of place behind the counter at Starbucks, but at that time, they looked like escapees from a mental institution to me. So, going there amused me, not only because of their crazy getups, as strange as they were. The really amusing thing about this joint was it was the perfect place to play “Guess the Gender.” My friends and I would literally try to guess what sex some of these creatures were.

I thought of that place when I saw the photo when the One’s community organizer apparatchiks posted the tweet that you see above. Is this a bit? Does anyone really identify with this pencil-necked goofball hipster? You probably didn’t know that Rachel Maddow did print ads, did you?

This country is in even worse shape that I thought.


  1. BWHAHAHHA. Thanks Teri, I need that. I thought me and my friends were the only ones who played the guess the gender game. I am no marketing genius, having taken only the one required course in college, but whoever is putting these ads together must have less experience then even I do, because the purpose of marketing is to make you want to purchase a product, not revile it. What a bunch of morons.

    • Truly. Why would anyone think that this freak in his onesie would appeal to anyone? It’s ridiculous! In fact, it’s so ridiculous that it’s like performance art!
      Of course, the alternative, and depressingly possibly true view, is that this pajama boy guy actually appeals to 20-something Americans. YIKES!!

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