Seven Amnesty Bills Passed by Congress. How’d That Work Out for America? The Teri O’Brien Show, 7-13-14

Today’s Focus: Amnesty and the Illegal Alien Invasion

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We are LOADED with the content you need to be the informed citizen we know you want to be. On last week’s show, I told you the backstory about two Supreme Court cases from decades ago that contributed to the illegal alien invasion we have today. What about the role of Congress? On today’s show, we’ll tell you, and also discuss the latest information about who these “children” really are. We told you here Friday (scooping Rush Limbaugh) about the agreement between the Guatemalan and Mexico governments to facilitate illegals swarming our border. What about the role of the Honduran government? How are the helping Barack Obama’s orchestrated “crisis,” designed to force the enactment of “comprehensive immigration reform” (read amnesty) and use the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy unfair Amerika? Also:

I Watch So You Don’t Have to: Delusional, Dishonest, Disconnected BHO in Austin, TX,  in full Mussolini mode, promising more lawlessness

Speaking of lawlessness, another federal judge wants an explanation from the IRS about those missing emails. Irony: Lois Lerner warned her colleagues not to say too much in email because Congress might subpoena them-IN AN EMAIL

More Irony: Anger in the ‘Hood. Chicago blacks go off on the One

Remember when Democrats Were In Favor of Returning Immigrant Children to Their Parents, By Force, if Necessary? You Don’t? We’ll remind you.

The latest Obamacare exchange, one of the country’s “best” to blow up

50 years ago, epic shot fired in the battle of ideas, without which Ronald Reagan would never have been president

Michelle Obama Update—America What Happened? Is this controversial meme, like apparently everything else, all about race? 

Be ahead of the curve! Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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