Seven Things The “News” Didn’t Tell You (or Your Lo-Fo Friends) About Trayvon Martin

I’m not sure if MS-NBC has started showing Trayvon Martin in utero, but since every photo we see of this innocent “unarmed child” (or “chile” as some of his fans say) shows him younger and younger, that sonogram can’t be far behind, can it? We haven’t seen this photo much, though.Trayvon Martin, Gangsta Culture

Except that that sweet chile grew into a teen from a broken home who admired the gangsta culture, who used recreational drugs, and but for the desire of a police department looking to cook its books by not reporting crimes by black male students, would have been the subject of a criminal investigation for burglary after stolen property was discovered in his backpack.

If you have friends who get their “news” from traditional dinosaur sources like network (read state-controlled media), local over-the-air newscasts or terrestrial radio (read “Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?” You know the answer), please take any opportunity you have to share this information with them.

The following information about Trayvon Martin and Lean comes from an extensive post by Dedicated Dad over at entitled “Trayvon Martin Shooting-A Year of Drug Use Results in Predictable Violence.” It’s definitely worth your time. You can see the screen captures of Trayvon’s Facebook conversations there, too.

  1. He was a fan of “Lean,” also known as “purple drank,” a recreational drug popular among Southern rappers, made from Robitussin, a soft drink (originally Sprite), and sometimes with a couple of Jolly Ranchers or Skittles thrown in.
  2. Robitussin’s active ingredient is DXM, Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, and Trayvon wanted as much of it as he could get.
  3. In one of his Twitter conversations, Trayvon asks a friend if he knows how he can get his hands on some Codeine because “codine is a higher dose of dxm.”
  4. DXM has been called the “Poor Man’s PCP.” That’s right, PCP, which is known to cause extreme agitation and even violence.
  5. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, was in Trayvon’s system when he died.
  6. He was in Sanford, FL, 240 miles from home, because he had been suspended from school, after 12 pieces of stolen jewelry and a burglary tool turned up in his backpack. The School Resource Officer was searching the backpack for a marker that this innocent chile used to write “WTF” on a school locker when he discovered the jewelry. The items matched the list of items reported stolen in a burglary of a house a few blocks away from the school Trayvon attended.
  7. As reported by Pat Dollard, Trayvon Martin was not charged with a crime because the School Resource Officer “never filed a criminal report, nor opened a criminal investigation, surrounding the stolen jewelry. Instead, and as a result of pressure from M-DSPD Chief Hurley to avoid criminal reports for black male students, Dunn wrote up the jewelry as “found items”, and transferred them, along with the burglary tool, to the Miami-Dade Police property room where they sat on a shelf unassigned to anyone for investigation. The school discipline, “suspension”, was attached to the graffiti and not the stolen jewelry.”

Have you seen any of these facts reported on the afore-mentioned Lo-Fo “news” sources? Of course not! Nor have they spent any time on the despicable and unethical conduct of the prosecution. 


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  1. Thanks, Taleeb!

  2. Hi Peter-I can’t speak for “conservatives,” but speaking for myself, as an attorney, I agree with my fellow lawyer, who happens to be a liberal, Prof. Alan Dershowitz, who like me, says now and has said all along that this case should never have been brought in the first place. Those who followed the case from the beginning, or learned the facts when they decided to follow it, which based on the uninformed opinions polluting the conversation is about 10% of the commenters at most, know that local law enforcement declined to prosecute Mr. Zimmerman because this was an obvious case of self-defense from the jump. No question about it. Then, the race industry ginned up a screeching mob and gutless politicians, in complete violation of their oaths of office, jettisoned the rule of law and launched a show trial. DISGUSTING. That’s the basis for my opinion. As far as Nancy Grace, she’s too scary to watch under any circumstances.

    I really appreciate your comments, BTW.

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