Shazam! Liberal Death Star Reveals “Truth” About Benghazi Murders. It WAS the Video! Plus Top Obama Administration Scandals of 2013 Today The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-29-13


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The New York Times has a penetrating report out this morning, revealing everything you wanted to know about what really happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012; that is, if you are hoping to bolster Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects in 2016. I thought it didn’t make any difference at this point? What some East Coast Brain afflicted types still consider “the newspaper of record,” and the rest of the country considers a joke, claims that we bitter clingers who suggested that the Obama administration, including its uber-competent Secretary of State, dropped the ball were wrong. It wasn’t an al Qaeda attack, after all; that is, not CORE al Qaeda. No, your Honor, my client isn’t a burglar. He’s a robber, not a burglar.
You’re probably asking yourself “How can anyone cover all the Obama administration scandals in just two hours?” Great question. There are so many scandals and lies coming out of this Marxist cabal that it won’t be easy, but you know that we never shy away from a challenge. Please join us for our big year end LIVE edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, featuring some of the very best stuff from 2013, featuring Larry Elder, Ted Nugent, uber-attorney Victoria Toensing, self-defense/2nd amendment expert Andrew Branca, and lots more.
We’ll also delve into the most Under-reported Stories of 2013, the actual news ignored by faux journalists in the legacy media on alleged “news” shows like ABC’s Good Moron America, and other malignant propaganda outlets that deceive low-information viewers into believing that they are actually informed citizens.
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Tune in today for the rest of the story.
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  1. Teri: Please don’t tell me that they seriously believe this??? Benghazi was about trying to buy back several hundred Stinger Shoulder Fired Surface to Air Missiles that had been given to the Muslim Brotherhood by the State Department. Realizing that they had created the ultimate national security risk (the Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban are one you know)… Stevens was sent to negotiate a deal. I guess it doesn’t work like “Chicago Gun Buybacks, ” as these guys didn’t care for the “Air Jordan Sneakers.” So they sodomized and killed Stevens, then killed as many of the Consulate Personel as they could, in a raging firefight lasting more than eight to twelve hours, Meanwhile, desperate pleas for assistance went unanswered, Naval Commanders with Assets and an armed Strike Force were told to “Stand-Down,” as were Military personel poised for a rescue operation from Mediteranian Bases! These same Commanders have been since relieved of their respective commands. Investigation??? Yeah Right! The leftmedia hushed this up till after the 2012 Election and personally, I think the Republicans were just as complicit. Did anyone hear a word of it? Barely!!!!!!

    • The disgraceful Benghazi fiasco truly is one of the most under-reported story of 2012 AND 2013.Attempts by the New York Times to whitewash it to help Hillary’s presidential ambitions are ridiculous and pointless. We will NOT let her skate on this one.

  2. Hey Teri, Who is the african american conservative sister Stephanie on WLS radio and why would she take a radio host job that they could have gave to you? Have they gone all affirmative action on you? Is she the “affirmative action radio host”? I can’t stop laughing! Hopefully, there are holiday cans you can collect. Merry Christmas!

  3. Exactly. Nothing to see here.

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