Sheryl Attkisson the Latest Reporter Targeted

Gee, why would anyone want to spy on Sheryl Attkisson? Three words: “Fast and Furious.” Or four words: “Fast and Furious,” “Benghazi.” Here;s another surprise, from Politico:

Sharyl Attkisson, the Emmy-award winning CBS News investigative reporter, says that her personal and work computers have been compromised and are under investigation.

“I can confirm that an intrusion of my computers has been under some investigation on my end for some months but I’m not prepared to make an allegation against a specific entity today as I’ve been patient and methodical about this matter,” Attkisson told POLITICO on Tuesday. “I need to check with my attorney and CBS to get their recommendations on info we make public.”

She was screamed at by an Obama apparatchik over Fast and Furious, remember?

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