Shocker: Obama Regime Delays Regulations to Enhance Re-Election Prospects. Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-15-13

talk radio, The Teri O'Brien Show


White House delayed enacting rules ahead of 2012 election to avoid controversy – The Washington Post (This very well-sourced article explains that the Obama administration’s cynical political deceptions extended beyond health care. Thought experiment: what if George W. Bush had delayed regulations that would have reduced pollution and protected workers from dangerous substances to make sure he were re-elected?)

Lie of the Year: ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it’ | PolitiFact (Now that all those regulations have been enacted, suddenly Politifact states the obvious, but what about the 2 previous times, conveniently pre-2012 election in which they rated this statement a “half truth”?)

Barack Obama says that under his health care law, those who have health insurance will keep it | PolitiFact

Barack Obama promises you can keep your health insurance, but there’s no guarantee | PolitiFact

Sebelius ‘Urging’ Insurers to Cover People Who Haven’t Paid | CNS News

Reports of erroneous WA health exchange debits | Portland (Exchange debits over $800 from family’s checking account on 12/9 rather than 12/24, which means they can’t buy any Christmas gifts)

Exclusive: Thousands of sign-ups didn’t make it to insurers

Flashback: Obama’s Campaign to Transition to Single Payer Health Care (VIDEO)

Colin Powell Endorses Single-Payer Health Care – US News and World Report (Of course because when he goes to the VA, he gets great care, and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that he is a member of the elite political class)

HHS extends another ObamaCare deadline | TheHill

What China’s “Black Children” Teach Us About Health Care as a “Right”Obama’s Orwellian Image Control – (Photo journos not happy with Regime’s North Korea-like control over how it is presented to the public)

MS-NBC’s Chuck Todd States The Obvious. The Obama Regime Uses Photos as Propaganda. | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Karl Halverson Pierson, 18, injured two students at Arapahoe High School, turned gun on self |

Denver Post scrubs ‘socialist’ from profile of Arapahoe shooter | Twitchy

Book: First lady nixed McConnell visit | TheHill (Why can’t we all just get along?)

Attkisson: Fast and Furious Whistleblower ‘Rare Example’ Amidst Obama’s ‘War On Leaks’ | Media Research Center

Cop Saved – Gun Owners of America

Gun Owner Saves Cop’s Life by Shooting Deranged Gunman! (VIDEO) –


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