SHOCKER: President Trump Doing What He Said He Was Going to Do!

Really? AND President Trump hasn’t even been in office for a week!

President Trump

From The Daily Caller:

The executive order regarding immigration signed by President Donald Trump Wednesday will create an office to study the effects of illegal alien crime, and will seek to find the immigration status of all imprisoned immigrants.

The executive order, Enhancing Public Safety In The Interior Of The United States, will direct the head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to create an Office for Victims of Crimes Committed By Removable Aliens. This office would be provide services to victims of crimes by illegal immigrants and the family members of such victims. The office would also provide quarterly reports studying the effects of illegal immigrant crime in the U.S.

Trump’s executive order also calls for more transparency regarding criminal illegal immigrants in the U.S. The order directs the Secretary of Homeland Security and the U.S. attorney general to collect and provide quarterly reports on the immigration status of aliens in federal prison, under the supervision of the U.S. Marshals Service and those incarcerated in state and local prisons.

A July 2016 report found that an estimated $700 million was spent on housing non-citizen federal inmates in 2014. Bureau of Prison figures from December show that nearly 15 percent of federal inmates have Mexican citizenship. (emphasis mine)

About damn time! During the campaign, Donald Trump met with the Remembrance Project, composed of families whose loved ones were murdered by illegals, people like Dan Golvach.

From Breitbart:

A grieving Texas father told Breitbart Texas, “my son is dead because the concept of borders is dead.” Spencer Golvach was senselessly murdered by an illegal alien who had been deported a number of times after being convicted of committing crimes, including as law enforcement officers now tell us, crimes of violence. Golvach was shot in the head on January 31st while sitting in his car waiting for a stoplight to change. Golvach’s father said he wants the “boomerang” of deportation and illegal reentry into the country to be stopped.

Victor Manuel Reyes was a violent man who on the night of Golvach’s execution, went on a killing spree through the streets in Harris County. He killed two men, including 28-year-old Juan Garcia. Then he shot at another couple before he was shot to death by a Harris County deputy.

Mr. Golvach recounted the tragic events of his son’s death. “My son, Spencer, pulled up to a stoplight … A Victor Manuel Reyes, an illegal alien,  pulls up next to him, pulls his gun out, rolled his window down and blew my son’s brains out.”

As we prepare to hear the whining and screeching from “advocates” for the “undocumented” (PULEEZE), let’s keep in mind what we are really talking about: America’s national security, respect for our laws and the safety of innocent Americans.

More about the Remembrance Project here.


  1. It is only shocking to those who have grown accustomed to politicians reneging on their promises and not doing the things they said they would do while they were running for office. It is quite a refreshing change from the status quo of business as usual.

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