Should Mitt “Mr. Turnaround” Romney Have to Turn Around So Many of His Own Statements?

Earlier this week when I saw Mitt Romney tell Soledad O’Brien that “I’m not concerned about the very poor,” of course, I flinched. Yes, I understood that he meant that his campaign is focused on addressing the challenges of the people who do most of the working and paying in this country, those who aren’t the members of any liberal mascot group, and therefore are the makers, not the takers. I also understand what Mitt clearly doesn’t; that is, if the opportunity to make him look bad by doing so presents itself, the Obama flacks masquerading as reporters in the Lame Stream Media will take any of his words out of context. Recall his statement I like being able to fire people,” in which he managed to turn a very popular sentiment (who doesn’t hate insurance companies?) into another example illustrating what an “out of touch” filthy rich pig he is (their sentiments, not mine).

Mitt Romney’s great strength is that he is supposed to be the “turnaround” guy. He can fix the economy, the same way that he fixed the Olympics. Unfortunately, he won’t get that chance if he has to spend his time trying to respond to the media’s mischaracterization of the things he says.

It’s not that Mitt off the PrompTer says more stupid things than the One. It’s that when the One says something stupid,  such as “corpsman” or “57 states,” the Lame Stream Media will cover it up, explain it way, or even turn it into another example of his brilliance. I won’t be the slightest bit surprised if sometime in the next few months, they inform us that in fact there ARE 57 states. When Mitt says something unfortunate, every clueless yapping news reader in the LSM will spend the next 24 hours gleefully rehashing it and using as evidence to support the caricature that David Axelrod has been running against for the past year.

Remind me again why Mitt is the guy most likely to be able to defeat Barack Obama. When you do, be sure to include your best interpretations of the following famous cringe-inducing moments, featuring Mr. Electable:




I’m also unemployed 


I glue it on every morning whether I need to or not

Who told him to sing?

Mitt, you need to realize that you don’t have the luxury to back track and say that you “misspoke.” You will not get the benefit of the doubt. Any benefits you offer will doubted, ridiculed and trivialized. It is what it is. Can you turn this situation around?


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