Show Notes, 10/28/12: Obama’s Vision for America with Dinesh D’Souza and Stanley Kurtz, Diminished in the World, Suburbs Destroyed

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We were delighted to welcome two major A-List guests to the show. First, author, scholar and now movie producer Dinesh D’Souza joined us to discuss his terrific new book, and the movie that Obama and his minions didn’t want anyone to see, “2016,” now available on DVD, Netflix and everywhere. Don’t miss it! And for more in-depth coverage, check out the book Obama’s America.

Then we heard from our friend National Review’s Stanley Kurtz, who has been one of the few journalists to explore Obama’s radical background. His book Radical-in-Chief is a must-read. Now he has a new book, Spreading the Wealth, sounding the alarm about Obama’s plans to redistribute wealth unfairly held be people in the suburbs to his peeps in the inner city. We also talked about his National Review piece regarding what the disgusting Lena Dunham ad that I wrote about here.

A local reporter in Denver asks the One actual questions about actual issues. No, I don’t mean what songs are on his iPod, what super power he would like to have, or what Sasha and Malia have chosen for their Halloween costumes. This guy, Kyle Clark of Denver’s News 9, asked him whether the 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi were denied help, whether one of his campaign contributor’s “green energy” boondoggles was Colorado’s Solyndra, and, given concerns about the “tone” of the campaign, what he meant when he called Mitt Romney a “bulls*****r”. Once Sham WOW (Walks on Water) figured out that he was not in the middle of his usual interview, in which the “reporter” humps his leg for the entire time, he employed the technique he used when he used to hold press conferences. He went into filibuster mode to limit the number of questions he had to pretend to answer with long, predictable recitations of the threadbare slogans that thrill his wet-behind-the-ears swooning audiences, and Chris Matthews. As we heard on the show, the answers to the last two questions for each over two minutes long. One was nearly three minutes long! You can hear the questions, and the whole answers here, in this week’s third hour.

Newt Gingrich busts Lame Stream Media for incessantly repeating Obama talking points about Republican Senate candidates while failing to point out that Barack Obama is the real radical on the issue of abortion since he voted 3 times for infanticide while an Illinois State Senator.

Democrat Colorado governor inadvertently reveals just how obsessed the dems are with the issue of abortion.

On MTV, during an interview with DJ Sway Calloway, Barack Obama reveals that he doesn’t have the slightest clue what the capital gains tax is, and refers to something called “The Defense Against Marriage Act.”

Based on Barack Obama’s latest story on Benghazi, it appears that Leon Panetta is actually the Commander-in-Chief. Or is it Valerie Jarrett? I say it’s time to put her under oath.

Please scroll down for links to all the stories we discussed on the show.

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