“Contraceptive” Controversy Should Remind You of Death Panels: Show Notes, 2-12-12

Where is Kathleen "as the Secretary shall determine" Sebelius? Is it time to put her picture on a milk carton?

“Contraception” controversy has nothing to do with contraception. It’s about coercion. The so-called “compromise” is a ridiculous accounting gimmick that fools no one. At best, it allows “progressive” Catholics to pretend that there isn’t an inherent conflict between what the Regime demands and their faith requires. It’s an “accommodation,” as in the benevolent government elects to let you do something, sort of like when your dad lets you stay out past your curfew.

The bishops aren’t buying it. I hope they realize now what a mistake it was to make a deal with the devil by pushing Obamacare in the first place.

Sister Carol Keehan visited White House 15 times « A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

The Coalition that Gave Us Obamacare Is Back – By Kathryn Jean Lopez – The Corner – National Review Online

Both Catholic Health Assn and Planned Parenthood Say They’re Pleased With Contraception Rule Announcement – ABC News

Remember those death panels?

With Obama’s budget coming out tomorrow, it’s a good time to revisit his plan to save big bucks with the IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Can you say “death panel?” Must read: piece from last April by one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest, Stanley Kurtz.

Now this makes sense.

Gee, wasn’t it amazing coincidence right before the New Hampshire Debate, when dem apparatchik/ “objective journalist” George Stephanopoulos grilled Mitt Romney about contraception, which at the time didn’t seem like America’s number one issue? We played one of the soundbites during this show. (On the January 8 edition of the Teri O’Brien Show, we wondered why Georgie was like a dog with a bone with issue, and played the whole exchange.)

Critiquelator weighs in on this kerfuffle.

Does this woman really need to worry about contraception? Seriously?

Two Questions: (1) The Regime sent new WH chief of staff Jacob Lew out to all the Sunday Shows to defend Obamacare. Where is Kathleen “as the Secretary shall determine” Sebelius? Should we put her face on a milk carton? (2) As I asked back when I keynoted an Illinois Right to LIfe Dinner, why are women like Barbara Mikulski obsessed with contraception and abortion? What are they afraid of, an unfortunate accident with a loaded turkey baster?

Straight from the Hart

Our special guest nationally-syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and relationship expert, Betsy Hart, made a pre-Valentine’s Day visit to discuss today’s hookup culture, and whether we have any chance of getting back to the quaint notion of courtship. Please check out Betsy’s terrific new e-book, Amazon.com: From The Hart: on Love, Loss, Marriage (and Other Extreme Sports) eBook: Betsy Hart: Kindle Store, a refreshingly intelligent, entertaining dose of common sense.

Also:Hart: Women ask for too much and settle for too little

Amazon.com: It Takes a Parent : How the Culture of Pushover Parenting Is Hurting Our Kids–and What to Do About It: Betsy Hart: Books

All the Single Ladies – Magazine – The Atlantic (daughter of feminist mother, now approaching 40, regrets her choice to forego marriage)

2nd Amendment Update

Emanuel wants Illinois gun registry – Chicago Tribune

Where are the stories about Dick Durbin’s Abortion Flip Flop?

Liberal Death Star explores Mitt Romney’s evolving views on abortion, but what about the cover up of Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin’s stunning, and purely politically cynical, turnaround on this issue?

Darth Durbin (excellent piece by Jill Stanek on Durbin’s politically motivated flip flop)

Excerpt from NBC News’ Meet the Press (unintentionally hilarious explanation by Eddie himself about why he did a 180 on the life issue; that is, the U.S. Constitution, which he previously had written did not contain a right to abortion, changed because pro-lifers are so mean.)

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