Show Notes: 2-19-12

Lame Stream Media continues its disinformation campaign designed to convince low-information and the emotionally-driven that the upcoming election is not about the Obama administration’s lawlessness, or the limping economy, but is about contraception. Now they are assisting the fellow members of the Obama campaign by distorting and misconstruing Rick Santorum’s comments about radical environmentalism. Are they sure they want to make Barack Obama’s “faith” an issue?

Rick Santorum should get some coaching from Paul Ryan on how to state his positions.

Medicare eligible Andrea Mitchell pretends to be taken aback by a joke she almost certainly heard in junior high.

Moochelle goes a whole month without a vacation. Thank goodness she and the princesses are in Aspen for Presidents’ Day.

American business leader calls out Washington failure to a stunned CNN anchor. CNN distorts what he says. What a shock!

Just weeks after 17-day Hawaii holiday Michelle Obama takes daughters on ski trip to Aspen | Mail Online (Contains table referred to on the show showing the cost of “Meesh’s” many luxury vacations)

CPAC: The Jersey Shore-ification Of Our Young People — UPDATED « Blog Entry « Dr. Melissa Clouthier

The US Army is Doomed – Illinois Review (H/T to my fellow IR writer Ghost of John Brown for asking what Gen. Patton would have done if told to put on a pregnancy simulator)

Barbara Bellar, Candidate for Illinois State Senate, Dsitrict 18 | Elect Barbara Bellar (I’ll be speaking at this event. Please check it out.)

Arizona sheriff quits Romney campaign – (did Romney’s campaign make him quit? Why is it ok for liberals to “out” homosexuals? I thought that they were all about “privacy?”)

First Read – Santorum: Obama believes in ‘phony theology’ not based on Bible

The Big Creep | The Weekly Standard (re-writing history re Bill Clinton)


  1. Good show 2/19/12 – Still learning how to do an occassional tweet, etc….LOL Rick Santorum is conditioning the media that gotcha questions aren’t going to work on him. He just needs some of Romney’s natural presidential-type polish. There is so much to be done that it will require going into the second term for a Repub president to undue what Obama has done.

  2. Thanks, Laurence, not only for commenting here, but also for your continued encouragement and support. I hope that you will visit here often and tell your friends.

    I agree that once we get the marxist Chicago thug out of there we’ll have our work cut out for us. I think Rick is great, and I wish him well. I hope he takes my advice and gets some coaching from Paul Ryan on how to respond to the media. As you note, he is aware that they are out to get him, and so he also has to realize that he can’t underestimate their enthusiasm for distorting what he says.

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