My Cousin Soledad Smacked: Show Notes, the Teri O’Brien Show, 3/11/12

Davis Guggenheim, Maker of Obama “documentary,” “The Road We’ve Traveled,” says only flaw he can find in the One, of whom he is in “awe,” is that he has too many great accomplishments to include in a 17-minute propaganda film. Even Piers Morgan can’t listen without cracking up.

SL (Smart Listener) the Invisible Conservative points out that Chris Matthews, who compared Obama’s call to political operative Sandra Fluke to JFK’s call to Coretta King, doesn’t have his facts straight. His call also raises the question: how, after 600,000 Americans died to end slavery and given blacks the right to vote, did we end up with Jim Crow in the South? Short answer: the Compromise of 1877, which pulled federal troops out of the South and allowed the Democrats to implement Jim Crow.

SL Fran reminds us that Left has always used promises of sexual “liberation” to distract the populace from the damage they are wreaking on society. He mentions a book, The New Totalitarians, that sounds worth investigating.

Nothing to See Here File: Soledad O’Brien smacked by’s Joel Pollack, who makes he look like a horse’s hind end as she demonstrates her complete lack of understanding of “critical race theory,” a theory espoused by Derrick Bell, a professor Obama lionized while he was a law student at Harvard.

Obama had time to call Sandra Fluke, but not the 13 year-old victim of a racist attack in Kansas City. Could it be that the reason is that the teachers who inspired the attack are black and the victim is white?

Chris Matthews says Romney is like a robot in the “Hall of Presidents,” and his young supporters are “androids,” asking if this is “North Korea.” Apparently he’s forgotten the many teacher-led anthems to Barack Obama during 2008. You can hear a sample on this program.

Was Soledad O’Brien Bailed Out by Producers on Definition?

Man Shot At Detroit Gas Station, Reportedly Over Price Of Condoms « CBS Detroit

Faux-Apology Not Accepted: Fire Rush Limbaugh for His Hateful Misogyny | The Feminist Wire (I reached out to this author, hoping to have her on the show but she didn’t get back to me)

Governor Palin Dismisses Game Change In An E-Mail To Jake Tapper | Conservatives4Palin

Patterico’s Pontifications » Obama Hero Derrick Bell Praised Man Who Called for White Genocide

Parents irate with KCPS after boy was attacked near East High School, wants boy out of district – – Kansas City

Articles: The Book of Obama: The Ganza Megillah (the brilliant Clarice Feldman makes helps us connect the dots and understand who Barack Obama is)

Senior U.S. Military Official says Iran Supplying Venezuela with Drones

Parents irate with KCPS after boy was attacked near East High School, wants boy out of district – – Kansas City

Articles: Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack a Victim of His School’s Racist Teaching? (Great post at The American Thinker by Selwyn Duke, strongly suggesting that the recent fire attack on Allen Coon was not an isolated incident of race-based incited bullying)

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  1. I will be watching the Kansas City case carefully to see if the arsonists are charged with, and more importantly convicted of, a “hate” crime. I suspect that with Eric Holder at the helm of the Justice Department, they will not. To the best of my knowledge, only whites have ever been convicted of “hate” crimes, or as Professor Bell would call them, “white crimes”. I would be interested to know if there are any examples of non-whites being convicted of “hate” crimes.

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