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Thanks to our guest, Wayne Allyn Root, author of the terrific new book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.

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Wayne Allyn Root, the Capitalist Evangelist, the 2008 Liberatarian Vice-Presidential candidate and the current Executive Vice Chairman of the Conservative Caucus. He is also a President Obama’s college classmate from Columbia University, Class of ’83. 

Wayne Allyn Root, Debra Root, Dakota Root

Wayne Allyn Root with his wife Debra and his daughter Dakota.

Wayne Allyn Root, Ultimate Obama Survival Guide

Wayne’s Excellent New Book

The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper During Obamageddon: Wayne Allyn Root: 9781621570912: Books

Wayne Allyn Root’s Website

Ninety days of destruction from the Obama White House | Fox News

First Quarter GDP Growth Falls Flat – Rick Newman (

History Rewriting Liberals Hysterically Accuse GWB of … Rewriting History! :: Clash Daily

The Tsarnaev family: A faded portrait of an immigrant’s American dream

Were Boston Bombers Self-Radicalized? No, They Got Help From Mosque –

Tom Brokaw says ‘no thanks’ to White House Correspondents’ Dinner – Patrick Gavin –

NY Times Reporter Savages WH Correspondents Dinner: D.C. Journalists ‘More Of A Celebrity Class’ | Mediaite

Anjem Choudary will not be prosecuted for saying followers should claim ‘jihad seeker’s allowance’ | Mail Online

‎ (If you want to join me in trying to plow this 844-page disaster, here it is. As I told you, it was written by Schumer’s staff.)

Holder Calls Amnesty a ‘Civil Right’ | Amnesty | Fox Nation

Ricin Letters Suspect Expected to Appear in Court on Monday – ABC News

OBAMA SUCKS THE MUSIC VIDEO! – YouTube (This was “Video of the Day” on 4/21/13–did you miss it?)


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