Show Notes, 5/27/12, American Spectator’s Bob Tyrell: Obama is Toast in November

As I always tell you, the current iteration of the Teri O’Brien Show is similar to the erstwhile version that aired on Chicago’s radio home for Rush Limbaugh, only it’s more interesting and more intelligent. Without the “helpful” suggestions of management, hopelessly mired in passè programming consisting of the hackneyed “two wacky guys sharing their brilliant insights and hilarious comments between 10 minute commercial breaks, traffic and weather” format, we demonstrate what talk radio would be like if it took its smart pills. That’s why you not only hear things on Sunday that everyone else will be talking about on Monday or Tuesday. You hear them discussed and analyzed, not in that superficial way you’d expect in traditional media, but on a higher level of abstraction. In short, smart stuff heard first for you, our smart listeners. For more about the difference between the cutting edge of broadcasting and over-the-air radio, please click here.

Yesterday we were delighted to host another A-Lister, who demonstrated both. R. Emmett Tyrell, founder of the American Spectator and author of the terrific new book, The Death of Liberalism, was he usual insightful, intelligent self. He also assured us that Barack Obama will be soundly defeated in November. You heard it here first. Also: his defeat of the New Left at Indiana University and the founding of the magazine, “naked birdwatchers,” and Mr. Tyrell’s connection to the Haymarket Riot.

Our other guest, (Ret.)Col. Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., columnist for Family Security Matters, expressed his profound disappointment over the gutlessness of the GOP, evidenced by their unwillingness to stand up for the Constitution, particularly by refusing to challenge Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States.

Columns from Col. Sellin:

Fallen Heroes and a Corrupt Government

Why the News Blackout of Possibly Greatest Constitutional Crisis since the Civil War?

More of his writing here.

On “Face the Nation” Sen. John McCain explains the reason for Obama’s “feckless” foreign policy. It’s simple. He doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism.

Second Amendment Update: Memorial Day Edition

MILLER: Iraq vet brutalized over guns in D.C. – Washington Times

Veteran shoots intruder with gun carried during Korean War | Fox News

It’s good to be the Queen: Moochelle’s Latest Excellent Adventure

Michelle Obama jets in for Beyonce’s sell-out concert in Atlantic City | Mail Online Isn’t it ironic that we overthrew the British monarchy, and now we have to rely on the British press to report on ours?

Moochelle’s PR team deserves a HUGE raise, a raise almost as large as Her Heinous’ backside, for managing to turn a seething cauldron of race-based rage and entitlement into a cross between Martha Stewart and Donna Reed. She’s more like Rev. Jeremiah Wright in drag!

Media hastily erase articles about Malia Obama’s appearance at One Direction concert | The Daily Caller Features hilarious photo of grim looking female Secret Service  Agents standing to the left of the princess. 

Query: how much did these 2 little outings cost the taxpayers?

Warning signs for Obama on path to electoral votes – Yahoo! News

Obama ditches reporters after golf outing – Washington Times

Marion Barry: ‘I misspoke: I should have said, Polish’ – D.C. Wire – The Washington Post

More proof that liberals are emotionally-driven perpetual adolescents, Frank Bruni’s ridiculous column in the Liberal Death Star about what is apparently one of Barack Obama’s most important qualifications to be president, his hair. Anyone who doesn’t think this propaganda wasn’t written by David Axelrod or one of his minions has rocks in his head.

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