Show Notes, 6-9-13

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Andrew Breitbart, Hating Breitbart,

Thanks to our guest Andrew Marcus, director of the terrific documentary, “Hating Breitbart,” a must-see about the brilliant visionary who showed us all how to fight the vicious Left. You can get a copy here at the official website. After you watch it, please cruise over to Rotten Tomatoes and write a review to challenge the left-wing LSM critics who clearly still don’t get it.

The Official Movie Website for Hating Breitbart

Obama’s Game of Phones-Is Edward Snowden, the man who revealed the existence of the so-called “Verizon” and PRISM programs, a whistleblowing hero, or a criminal, traitorous leaker?

Edward Snowden identified as source of NSA leaks – The Washington Post

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, and more deny providing direct access to PRISM surveillance program | The Verge

Did PRISM Really Help Foil NYC Terrorist Attack? Documents Show Otherwise… | Mediaite

The NSA Sent a Takedown Notice Over My Custom PRISM-Logo T-Shirts (The NSA has no sense of humor about this PRISM revelation)

Boundless Informant: the NSA’s secret tool to track global surveillance data

New NSA tool to quantify, track intelligence collection revealed – live

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, and more deny providing direct access to PRISM surveillance program | The Verge

PRISM: Google and Facebook DID allow NSA access to data and were in talks to set up ‘spying rooms’ despite denials by Zuckerberg and Page over controversial project | Mail Online

The NSA’s Surveillance: No Clear Constitutional Violations | National Review Online (Former Bush lawyer John Yoo says the Verizon metadata program presents no problem.)

Phone Record Gathering Story Blown Out of Proportion | National Review Online (one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest, the terrific Andrew McCarthy explains that the real problem is the government’s getting phone records. It’s whose government is getting it.)

Second Amendment Update

Santa Monica College Shooting Reveals Inconvenient Truth | The Guardian Express (Actually two inconvenient truths)

Hayward school to sponsor toy gun exchange – San Jose Mercury News


Rubio: Immigration bill guarantees legalization – Washington Times (Sen. Rubio, I have warned you repeatedly. Nothing good comes from hanging out with Sen. Chuck Schumer, and he wrote this bill.)

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