Show Notes: 7/8/12: Barack Obama, America’s First Celebutard, Affirmative Action, Identity Thief President

Barack Hussein Obama (Praise Be His Name) travels the Midwest, inveighing against outsourcing, a concept obviously invented by Mitt Romney, in a Canadian-made bus, and nostalgically recalls childhood vacations at Howard Johnson’s. In a purely coincidental development, for the first summer since he ascended to the throne, he and Her Royal Wideness will not be taking the princesses to Blue Heron Farm, where the rate is $30,000 a week, in Martha’s Vineyard for one of their summer vacations.

As Team Obama sends several of its apparatchiks to appear on the Sunday shows to bleat the unified mantra about Mitt Romney’s personal wealth, peppering their speeches with references to “Swiss bank accounts,” and suggestions that Gov. Romney is not only secretive, but possibly engaging in something sinister and even illegal. Is the Romney campaign responding adequately to this effort to define him? Caller Ron from Florida responds.

On Fox News Sunday, fill-in host John Roberts leaves Debbie Wasserman Schulz even more confused than usual by confronting her with facts, and by asking her if she agrees with David Plouffe that the ridiculously anemic job numbers released Friday are “what everyone expected.”

Special guest prolific author, journalist and producer, Jack Cashill returns to talk about his latest investigative piece at World Net Daily, about dogged Ohio investigator Susan Daniels, and her efforts to expose the truth about Obama’s mysterious Social Security number. He also reacts to comments from David Maraniss’ 7/8/12 appearance on CNN, in which Howard Kurtz actually says that Maraniss inadvertently exposed that Obama’s book Dreams From My Father is “misleading.” Gee, really? Jack reminds us that Maraniss manages to write the “definitive” biography of Barack Obama without once mentioning Stanley Kurtz or the extensive socialist connections the One had while in college in New York.

The Critiquelator courageously shares his memories of his wife who died suddenly on 7/1/8.

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