Pres. Payback & the 5th Column Dems Show Their True Colors: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-14-14

The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday,12-14-14

 Pres. Payback & the 5th Column Dems Show Their True Colors

Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

The most shocking aspect of the democrats’ so-called “torture” report about the enhanced interrogation techniques, one that no one else is talking about.

The facts about EIT’s that you aren’t hearing from the Lame Stream Media

That F. Chuck Todd is even more clueless than you thought before, and that’s saying A LOT. Listen to Dick Cheney tune him up. It’s hysterical!

What’s in the stinking $1.1 trillion hot mess passed on Saturday by the Senate, commonly known as “the Cromnibus.”

Whether anyone was ever prosecuted for the “torture,” and if not, why not

About the over $7 million stolen from the Federal government by a ring of illegal alien con artists, the very week Obama announced his lawless amnesty for 5 million illegals

Where thousands of illegals are flocking, thanks to that afore-mentioned amnesty

About the latest left-wing radical to join the Obama regime, the new Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy

And lots more!

Links from the Show

The “Torture” Report

Ex-CIA Directors: Interrogations Saved Lives – WSJ

The Feinstein Report Is Going to Cost Us | National Review Online

Waterboarding and Torture | National Review Online

US acquits CIA of killing and torturing of prisoners — RT USA

ISIS savages behead four children: Christian leader | New York Post (These are the people that Hillary Clinton wants us to have “empathy” for, and that Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama think should be accorded rights under the U.S. Constitution

The “Cromnibus”

Cruz vote on executive amnesty fails 22–74; Graham blames Cruz’s ‘missteps’ for confirmations | Twitchy (Proving that RINO’s hate conservatives more than they love the Constitution, and I’m being generous when I say that they love the Constitution)

What’s in the spending bill? We skim it so you don’t have to – The Washington Post

A look inside the massive $1.1 trillion spending bill | Fox News

Senate approves $1.1 trillion spending bill – The Washington Post

Cromnibus: a winter festival of unrestrained spending | Human Events (Thought experiment: why is it that when Republicans win, as they did in a commanding way just over a month ago, they act like they lost, but when Democrats lose, they act like they won?)

Questions About Indiana Republican’s Claim Leadership Duped Him Into Supporting Obama-Boehner Cromnibus

Boehner’s Spending Deals Have Increased Debt $3.8T in 3.8 Years | CNS News


Obama Amnesty as Feds Bust Illegal Aliens That Got $7.2 Mil from IRS with Stolen IDs – Judicial Watch

2nd Amendment

Obama Surgeon General Pick IS Anti-Second Amendment Radical –

NRA-ILA | Bad Medicine for Gun Owners Confirmation Vote Looms for Obamas Anti gun Surgeon General Nominee

Vivek Murthy clears procedural vote in Senate, likely to become US Surgeon General on December 15 – The American Bazaar

First Time in Over 2 Decades: More Americans Favor Gun Owner Rights than Government Tyranny – Freedom Outpost

How Eric Holder spun the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal to a lapdog media | New York Post (One-time Teri O’Brien guest, amazing journalist Sharyl Attkisson shares what she found in the recent document dump from Eric Holder’s Department of (In)Justice. Bottom Line: They were lying.)

Jonathan Gruber on the Hot Seat

Gruber subpoenaed over ObamaCare contracts | TheHill

Jonathan Gruber is a Liar. Was He a Liar Under Oath? – Hit & Run :

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