Illegals Sneaking Across Our Border, an “Act of Love?” Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 4-6-14 HERE TO LISTEN  (or in the sidebar on the right side of this page, where you’ll find the last five episodes of the show. Learn more ways to avoid radio suckitude here.) Please scroll down for links to the stories we discussed on the show.)

  • Emotionally-driven parents fall for trial lawyer initiated junk science and endanger their own and other people’s children’s health by not vaccinating them against measles
  • Squealing and gnashing of teeth on the Left over the Supreme Court’s most recent decision on campaign financing, McCutcheon v. FEC and their support of the destruction of Mozilla’s Brendan Eich gives an opportunity to explain why the Left hates freedom of speech, and so does the Lame Stream Media
  • Bill Maher states that there is a “gay mafia,” and Sarge calls in to point out a subtle, stealth inaccuracy that reminds us once again that the Left lies.
  • Why is Barack Obama always off fund raising when Americans serving our country are being murdered?
  • Hillary driven from San Diego appearance by protestors, including Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, one of the four Americans murdered in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012
  • What is a “Full Ginsberg?”
  • Pete from Texas explains how a Hillary Clinton run for president could destroy the democrat party
  • Jeb Bush’ bizarre characterization of illegals sneaking across the border


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Jeb Bush: Many illegal immigrants come out of an ‘act of love’ (this sort of baloney is just what we need, but I’m sure the emotionally-driven, low-fos will LOVE it!)


Jeb, listen to your mom. You don’t need to run.

It’s A Myth That GOP Is Party Of The Wealthy – (no matter how often dementia-afflicted, cadaverous Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid slanders the Koch Brothers, upstanding, job-creating, patriotic Americans, facts are facts. Democrats inject more money into politics.)

Behind the Obamacare surprise – Edward-Isaac Dovere and Carrie Budoff Brown – (the inside story of how Valerie Jarrett enlisted “The Hangover” star Bradley Cooper to arrange Barack Obama’s appearance on that internet “comedy” show “Between Two Ferns”)

Bozell & Graham Column: Obamacare Propaganda in TV Scripts? | NewsBusters (Valerie Jarrett tells Popsugar that she’s working on getting pro-Obamacare story lines into television and movie scripts.)

Brendan Eich, Mozilla and Fairy Tales of the Gay Gestapo, Part 1 (the original scheme from 2 Harvard guys to “desensitize” the American public about homosexuality “through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media.”)

Brendan Eich, Mozilla and Fairy Tales of the Gay Gestapo, Part 2 | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess (the stunning truth about the Lawrence v. Texas case that brought us to where we are today)

Why Mozilla’s Chief Had to Resign – (some supporters of the Gay Gestapo argue that driving Mr. Eich from his job at Mozilla because he dared to exercise his First Amendment rights was not an example of Stalinist political correctness, but rather just doing what was good for business. Couldn’t the same thing have been said back in the day about not wanting to put a woman or minority candidate in a position of authority? Yes, it could.)

Conservative group claims it has proof IRS leaked donor list | Fox News (Remember how during hearings on IRS scandal the chairman of National Organization for Marriage told the House Ways and Means Committee that the names of donors to his organization had been illegally leaked by the IRS? Preview of coming attractions.)

National Organization For Marriage Donor List Leaked By IRS, Claims ‘Traditional’ Marriage Org’s Chairman

IRS Sued By The National Organization For Marriage For Leaking Tax Information | Washington Free Beacon

Mozilla feels stinging backlash over CEO boot – BizPac Review

Junk Science Judo: Self-defense Against Health Scares & Scams – Steven J. Milloy – Google Books (trial lawyers used junk science to shakedown Dow in the infamous breast implant cases. By the time the truth arrived, the lawyers and their whiny clients had made off with the loot.)

Trial Lawyers Campaign Against Reality and Science Cause Some Well-Intentioned People to Refuse to Vaccinate Their Children

UC Berkeley student in isolation in second measles case – SFGate

California Measles Outbreak Highest Since It Was Declared Eradicated, And It’s Only April

AmazonSmile: Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Harms the Planet and Threatens Our Lives eBook: Michael Specter: Books

PBS – harvest of fear (PBS documentary on genetically-modified foods. Please check it out before you buy into the hysteria about the “green revolution.”) Video here.

2nd Amendment Update

Chicago sees sharp drop in murder rate after conceal carry law implemented – Illinois Review

Thousands of 2nd Amendment Rights Supporters Attend Rally at CT State Capitol

Gun Rally 2.0 | bobsbox (first-hand report on the rally from our friend Bob in CT)

Cavuto: ObamaCare enrollment figure just doesn’t figure | Common Sense | Your World with Cavuto | Fox News




  1. Another childhood disease that has been making a comeback as a result of parents intentionally avoiding childhood vaccinations is Pertussis (colloquially known as “whooping cough”).

  2. As Sarge and I were discussing this, he rightly commented… “We have the federal resources to round-up errant cows from federal land, but neglect the illegal alien hordes crossing our southern border. What’s wrong with that picture?” I couldn’t agree more!

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