Libya Disaster Result of Obama’s Insane “Lead from (His) Behind” Foreign Policy: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 9-7-14

The Teri O'Brien Show

Barack Obama helps Chuck Todd Celebrate His New Gig As Host of “Meet The Press” by Sitting Down for A Sycophantic, Softball Interview

FNC’s Ed Henry destroys the Obama is not good at ‘political theater’ claim with one crushing point | Twitchy

Americans held in North Korea talk to CNN, ask for help – (Gee, Chuck, why didn’t you ask our Dear Reader about these guys.)

North Korea to ‘judge’ detained American September 14 –

American Pastor facing death threats from ISIS prisoners in Iranian prison | Fox News (or this guy)

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, held in Mexico, said he never intended to leave US | The Five | Fox News (Chuck also didn’t ask the One about Sgt. Tahmooressi)

As 2nd anniversary of Benghazi terrorist murders and 3rd anniversary of deposing of Gaddafi approaches, Libya Up for Grabs. Time to connect the dots

Libyan Militias Seize Control of Capital as Chaos Rises –

Middle East Updates / Egypt prosecutor orders seven men held for homosexuality – Middle East Updates Israel News | Haaretz (also contains item about Jordanian soldier beheaded by ISIS on Saturday)

Obama Secret Syria Order Authorizes Support For Rebels

Benghazi emails released by the White House raise some questions, raise new ones too.

Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claim | Fox News

How the Taliban got their hands on modern US missiles | New York Post (serial # reveals that Stinger missile that brought down US Chinook was originally given to the Qataris, intended for the Syrian “rebels,” and somehow ended up with the Taliban)

Flash fire injures four in State Department building during construction repairs – (the fire was directly above the 7th floor office where Hillary Clinton was during the Benghazi attack)

3 seriously hurt after fire breaks out at State Dept.

Obama U.N. speech transcript: Full text (as delivered) – – (one of the speeches in which Obama crowed about his Libya “success”)

WFB’s Bill Gertz: Obama Administration ‘Trying to Play Down’ Missing Libyan Airliners | Washington Free Beacon

Cynical Much? Obama Says He’ll Do His Lawless Amnesty After the Election

Obama: Illegal Immigrants Should Not Have to ‘Look Over Their Shoulder’

Democratic Congressman Hits President Obama for ‘Playing it Safe’ on Immigration – ABC News

Worst Attorney General in U.S. History, Eric Holder, Sics His “Public Integrity” Unit of VA Governor Bob McDonnell, Persecutes Ferguson, MO,  Ignores IRS and Continues to Stonewall on Fast and Furious

IRS Says It Has Lost Emails from 5 More Employees (I’ll say it again. You can’t make this stuff up)

IRS Obtained Donor Lists For ‘Secret Research Project’ | The Daily Caller


  1. Did anyone ever stop to consider why Obama refuses to bring our Troops Home? Leagally, the National Guard tTroops are not supposed to leave the boundaries of the State in which it resides. How and why this hasn’t been challenged yet is anyone’s guess… But I believe it has everything to do with protecting the Constitutional Protections of the citizenry. Officers are sworn by Oath to protect the Constitution (hence, the rule of law), whereas a foreign army (and we’ve all heard the rumors about the UN) are not. So keeping US Troops and military assets otherwise occupied serves a darker purpose. The problem is, exposing it invites a tap on your door from the likes of the dept. of homeland insecurity…. and a trip to an undisclosed location. Meanwhile, the Islamo-nazi Islamic training camps are also rumored to be in the US and remain hitherto, undisturbed (and largely unreported by the mainstream media) for some time. THIS IS OBAMA’S FOREIGN POLICY!

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