Silicon Valley Firm Has To Tell Employees Not to Have Sex in the Office

No sex and drinking in the office? C’mon! What kind of sweatshop are they running here?

George Constanza was ahead of his time

From Fortune:

David Sacks, the newly appointed CEO of human resources software startup Zenefits, has his work cut out for him.

The PayPal and Yammer co-founder has begun trying to clean up the company’s act, which includes reforming a workplace culture that has been likened to a frat-house. Last week, Sacks banned alcohol at the office, but that doesn’t seem to be the worst of it.

Last June an employee responsible for the startup’s relationship with building management sent a memo to the company’s San Francisco-based workers reproaching them for having sex in the stairwells, according to an email message reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

“It has been brought to our attention by building management and Security that the stairwells are being used inappropriately,” wrote Emily Agin, the company’s director of real estate and workplace services, in a companywide note. “Cigarettes, plastic cups filled with beer, and several used condoms were found in the stairwell. Yes, you read that right. Do not use the stairwells to smoke, drink, eat, or have sex. Please respect building and company policy and use common sense …”

That is one wacky office!


  1. Well, this is a ‘teachable moment’. Let’s look at this rationally. Does anyone care that two employees are doing the nasty in the vagabond’s lavatory? I think not. The slovenly approach to this deed and the failure of ‘due diligence’ in the aftermath leaves a blot upon all concerned.

    Being San Fransisco, and all that engenders, it should be noted that the act of procreation in itself is not something that should leave a whiff of telltale evidence. Nobody wants to see that. Not even the cleaning lady.

    Oh well. Maybe they were drunk or something.

    • I definitely think that alcohol has been involved in these incidents. I think that’s why the HR guy wants them to stop drinking on the job. The participants could have at least gotten rid of the evidence, as you note. Nobody should have to pick up someone else’s used condoms! YUCK!

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