Silly Humans. I Hope You Guys Didn’t Spend a Lot on This Study!

Never doubt me. Just like my mommy!

Never doubt me. Just like my mommy!

Apparently humans have just done a study and they came to a stunning conclusion. I hope that you are sitting down. We dogs know when you’re watching us, and when you are, we are on our best behavior. From the Toronto Star story, “Dogs steal more food when nobody is looking, study finds.”

Dogs steal significantly more food when the room is dark, so humans can’t catch them in the act, a study shows.

The results indicate that dogs understand the human perspective and take into account what the human can or cannot see, according to Dr. Juliane Kaminski of the University of Portsmouth.

Duh! Of course we understand your perspective. Are you going to tell me that ANYONE understands you better than your dog? Of course not!


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