The Simple, and Critical, Question About Syria That the Obama Administration Can’t Answer

Yesterday Sec of State John “Viet Nam Quagmire” Kerry and Sec. of Defense Chuck “Mr. Krueger” Hagel embarrassed themselves in a cringe-inducing performance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As they contradicted each other and made bizarre statements about evidence from “reality and other sources,” one thing was clear. Despite their noble efforts, they could not answer a very simple, but critical, question. Why are you doing this? There is an obvious reason that they can’t. It’s the same reason that the Left can never give a straight answer. It’s not that they don’t know the answer. It’s just if they told the American people the truth, support for their proposed, pointless intervention in the Syrian civil war would plummet from its already low 20-30%.

So, Dear Reader, why are you proposing that we lob a few missiles into Syria?

Will it remove Bashar al-Assad? No, as Sec. Kerry stated yesterday, it won’t, and it’s not intended to do so.

So, will it stop him from using chemical weapons (assuming that he did, which is by no means certain at this point)? Perhaps. He could survive the 3 or 4 assault, and emerge crowing that he defeated the Great Satan. He might decide not to use chemical weapons any more, but he will still be in power and still be in charge of all the conventional weapons, and he will feel emboldened to use them.

Will the flood of refugees into Lebanon end? There’s no reason to believe that it will. If you have a reason, please share it.

The reason that the Obama administration can’t answer the simple question “Why are you doing this?” is because the answer is it is being done for cynical, political reasons, to rescue Barack Obama from the consequences of being in over his head. He wants to offload responsibility for the consequences of his own reckless, redline remarks. He’s looking for an issue to use against the GOP in 2014 so that he can retake the House and have even less opposition to completing his mission of “remaking” (read destroying) America. He wants to take the focus off other questions like “Just exactly where were you during the Benghazi disaster?” As the anniversary of the murder of four Americans approaches next week, he definitely wants to change the subject. As Lois Lerner continues her paid vacation, the IRS scandal hasn’t gone away.

If Barack Obama were sincere about being concerned about Syria, he would have done something about it in 2011. He hasn’t even given the rebels the arms that he said he was going to give them in June. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Under the best of circumstances, this limited strike charade would accomplish nothing, and these are not the best of circumstances. Telling the enemy ten days to two weeks in advance that he is going to be attacked, giving him ample time to prepare and place human shields to parade before the media can hardly be considered ideal for our circumstances. How ironic is it that the sight of dead children wrapped in shrouds has been used to encourage this adventure?

Any member of Congress who wants to support this ridiculous mission with no stated objective needs to answer that simple question, clearly and directly: Other than burning through $500 million to $1 billion that we’ll have to borrow, why are you doing this?


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