Six Degrees of Third World Plagues: Happy Refugee Day!

Reach out and touch a refugee to celebrate the fact that under Barack Obama, not only is hope making a comeback, so are six diseases that we thought were history in this country. That was before our Dear Reader decided to import the Third World as part of his “remaking” of America.


From one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Michael Patrick Leahy, writing at Breitbart:

Six diseases that were recently near eradication are making a comeback in the United States, as the taxpayer funded refugee resettlement industry launches a propaganda blitz about the so-called World Refugee Day this Monday.
The returning diseases are;

1. Tuberculosis
2. Measles
3. Whooping Cough
4. Mumps
5. Scarlet Fever
6. Bubonic Plague

The near eradication of these diseases in the United States during the twentieth century was a remarkable accomplishment of American civilization. Until recently, most Americans believed these diseases were gone from our shores for good.

But a politicized public health system, and a rise in the subsidized migration into the United States, however, have combined to reverse a century of progress.

The number of foreign-born residents of the country has increased by 31 million in three decades, from 11 million in 1986 to 42 million in 2015. Immigration to the United States during this period has come from Middle Eastern, African, Asian, South American and Central American countries where all these diseases are prevalent. The extra 31 million have arrived in a number of ways: approximately 3 million are refugees, 11 million are illegal immigrants, and the remainder are legal immigrants, asylees, and parolees.

Read the scary and depressing details at Michael’s story.

Barack Obama has stated his intention to accelerate the importation of unvetted Muslims from jihadist hotbeds. As we have frequently reported, he wants 10,000 by the end of January. Hillary Clinton thinks that’s not nearly enough. She wants 65,000. Let that sink in.

So even if you are fortunate enough to avoid a close encounter with a “refugee” jihadist exercising his religious liberty using pressure cookers, bombs and/or bullets a la Boston, San Bernardino or Orlando, there’s no guarantee that you, or your child or grandchild, will avoid one of these plagues (and yes, even the actual PLAGUE) that the U.N. and the “religious” VOLAGS (voluntary agencies) who profit handsomely from their “charitable” activities are “seeding” into the entire country.

Yes, Obama voters, let me take this opportunity to remind you again: this is what you voted for! Congratulations!

Ask yourself: have you seen this information on the pretend news, or on shows like Good Moron America, or were they giving you recipes from the cast of “Dancing with the Stars?” If you think your fellow citizens might benefit from knowing this information, please share this post. Thanks!


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