Smoking Gun in IRS Scandal? Obama Appointee Met with the One Two Days Before Targeting Started

Remember, as we discussed on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, by design, the Internal Revenue Service has only two political appointees, the Commissioner and the Chief Counsel. We also discussed the fact that last Thursday in Rep. Darryl Issa’s Oversight Committee, the current IRS Chief Counsel, William Wilkins, a long-time democrat operative who actually defended Reverend Wright’s Church when there were threatened with loss of their tax exempt status back in 2008, as been implicated in the scandal. With that in mind, read this item from the Daily Caller:

The Obama appointee implicated in congressional testimony in the IRS targeting scandal met with President Obama in the White House two days before offering his colleagues a new set of advice on how to scrutinize tea party and conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, who was named in House Oversight testimony by retiring IRS agent Carter Hull as one of his supervisors in the improper targeting of conservative groups, met with Obama in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on April 23, 2012. Wilkins’ boss, then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, visited the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on April 24, 2012, according to White House visitor logs.

On April 25, 2012, Wilkins’ office sent the exempt organizations determinations unit “additional comments on the draft guidance” for approving or denying tea party tax-exempt applications, according to the IRS inspector general’s report.

I know what you’re thinking, cynical, bitter clinger! Come on, now. It’s just a coincidence!

As Dick Morris notes, writing about Mr. Wilkins area of expertise, which just happens to be the IRS’ treatment of tax-exempt organizations:

The event that triggered the IRS’s interest? Then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s speech to the congregation during the Democratic primary campaign. Now does that sound like “political activity?”
Well, Wilkins was able to convince the IRS that it was not. He knows his stuff.
Tax-exempt organizations were one of Wilkins’s specialties in private practice. He knows the field, making him a likely key man in the emerging scandal. He’s not just a wealthy donor rewarded with a plum position who doesn’t know much about taxes. No, he’s an expert on the very area of tax law at the heart of the charges of politically motivated harassment of the Tea Party and other conservative groups by the IRS.

By the way, thanks to Mr. Wilkins able handling of the matter, that little problem that candidate Sen. Obama caused for Rev. Wright’s church took only 73 days to resolve.

True the Vote, one of the Tea Party groups targeted, has added Mr. Wilkins to the lawsuit they filed against several other IRS officials in May.


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