Smoking Gun in IRS Scandal? Video of Lois Lerner in 2010: “IRS Must Fix the Problem”

The problem being the Supreme Court decision in Citizens’ United, the same decision that caused the always historic Barack Hussein Obama to launch into a cringe-inducing, class denunciation of the Court earlier that year during his State (Hate) of the Union speech. As you watch Ms. Lerner explain the political pressure being brought to bear, ask yourself who the “everyone” is that is “up in arms.”

As I told you here on July 19, this scandal, which is far from “phony” was laid at the White House door during a hearing before Rep. Darryl Issa’s (R-CA) House Oversight Committee, where veteran IRS attorney Carter Hull testified and implicated William Wilkins, the ONLY Obama appointee at the IRS. Recall that there are only two political appointees and Mr. Wilkins, an expert of tax-exempt status for organizations, so much so that he defended Barack Obama’s screeching, racist preacher Jeremiah Wright, is one of them. He is also a long time democrat operative

The IRS is doing an Eric Holder, stonewalling requests for information about communication between Mr. Wilkins office and the White House for the period in question; specifically, leading up to the 2010 elections. We know how those turned out for the One. Am I being way to cynical to suggest that the IRS was giving marching orders to make sure 2012 wasn’t a repeat of the 2010 midterm election?


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