Soledad O’Brien Should Stick To Reading Her ‘Prompter

Don’t you hate it when something isn’t working, and you decide to throw it out and start over, and the do-over is an even bigger disaster than the original? Then you know how they feel over at CNN. From Inside Cable News:

This has been flying around all day but I’m only getting to it now. TV by the Numbers writes up CNN’s new morning shows’ ratings free fall…

CNN’s new morning shows Early Start and Starting Point notched the lowest quarterly average demo (adults 25-54) viewership and total viewership (P2+) in the first quarter of 2012* for any CNN morning shows in the 5-7am and 7-9am periods in more than a decade.

I chose the word “crisis” in my headline deliberately. This is indeed a crisis scenario for CNN. Normally when a network makes a show change it’s because the numbers aren’t where the network wants them to be. The worst the network expects in the near term is for the new show to have ratings in line with the old show. A ratings free fall is the last thing a network would possibly contemplate.

And yet a ratings free fall is precisely the scenario that now confronts CNN with Early Start and Starting Point. The network lost a chunk of its American Morning audience. You remember American Morning don’t you? That was the show that was supposedly underperforming forever for CNN. And yet now CNN is facing numbers that are worse than American Morning ever did in a quarter.

Cue the sad trombone. I can’t imagine why a show like Starting Point isn’t more popular. Oh wait, maybe it’s stuff like this segment. Here, Soledad O’Brien made a horse’s hind end of herself trying to argue with’s Joel Pollak about Critical Race Theory (CRT), while her producer frantically tried to get to Wikipedia so she could tell the clueless newsreader what he was talking about.

It got worse when Soledad, stung by people sending her tweets pointing out her obvious ignorance about the subject at hand, brought on an expert to prove that she had been absolutely right all along, Professor Dorothy Brown. Prof. Brown agreed that Soledad was correct when she said that CRT has nothing to do with white supremacy. The only problem is that Prof. Brown, who Soledad said “wrote the book” on CRT, said the following in that very book:

Although CRT does not employ a single methodology, it seeks to highlight the ways in which the law is not neutral and objective, but designed to support White supremacy and the subordination of people of color. (H/T The Right Sphere)

MMM. . . perhaps I could offer a suggestion to CNN. If you stop trying to mislead your viewers to promote a political agenda, and present actual news, perhaps more people will watch your network.


  1. It would seem that S. Obrien does not find Professor Bell and his radical theory, or our Presidents embrace of both the least bit controversial. I am sure that if you asked her, she would tell you that she is unbiased and objective.

  2. Has anyone at CNN watched BBC America’s news broadcast in the morning? Might serve as a starting point in revamping their programming. Although not perfect, it is nice to hear BBC’s effort at giving the “news” as opposed to opinions and giggles interjected into the CNN disaster at objective news reporting.
    Frankly, I can no longer stomach the Commentary News Network (CNN).

  3. Other than the British accents, there is little difference between the BBC and CNN. Both have a strong liberal bias and are just as prone to spinning and propagandizing their stories to support that liberal bias.

  4. Robert, I agree that the BBC suffers from some of the same liberal bias that afflicts CNN, but I think Owens is right when he suggests it’s not as bad over there. It’s probably like the difference between a really bad cold (BBC) and the flu (CNN).

    Both suck, which is why you guys know to come here and to the Teri O’Brien Show. Thanks so much for that!

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