Some Sage Observations from Producer Thomas

It’s great to live in America today. We have a President who thinks business profits are taxed as capital gains, various local officials who are corrupt, depressed, stupid and possibly headed to prison (and that’s just Jesse Jackson, Jr.), and a bunch of union goons assaulting conservatives over Michigan’s right to work law.

Which brings me to the fiscal cliff. All during the presidential campaign, and even before, we heard President Barack “I never took Econ 101 and I’m proud of it” Obama hearken back to the utopian days of the Clinton administration. Back then, President Barack “Adam Smith? Who the hell is Adam Smith?” Obama assured us that the real cause of the Clinton era prosperity was the righteous tax rate structure enacted in 1993 by Clinton Gore (aka the biggest tax increase in our nation’s history up to that time.)

One cannot dispute the fact that the Clinton-Gore team, while doing little to save the Polar Bear, did create a lot of jobs. Whether or not this was due to the 1993 tax increase is highly debatable, but for argument’s sake, let’s assume it was, Doesn’t it then make sense to restore these rates? That’s what President Barack “Can someone tell me how to pronounce ‘Corpsmen’, please?” Obama said he wanted to do. But like the length of the giraffes’ neck (see Darwin’s theory of natural selection), the President’s position has evolved. Someone obviously informed him that 80% of the Bush roll back of the Clinton rates affected households making less than $100,000.00 per year, and if the so-called Bush tax cuts expire, there’s gonna be a lot of pissed off low information voters out there, spread out across all 57 states.

So, the latest line of crap from President Barack “Is the belly putter still legal?” Obama is that the nation will be saved if we simply restore the Clinton tax increases of 1993 for households earning over $250,000.00 per year. This is a great line of attack for the President and the democrats- “We’re going to solve all the nation’s debt problems, and none of you regular folks are going to have to pay anything because those damn rich people, who stole all their money anyway, are going to have to pony up.” Hell, it got him re-elected.

The Republicans seem to be ready to fold on this issue simply because they don’t want all the idiots who voted democratic to be mad at them. But does it matter? No matter what the Republicans do, the democrats will just offer them more stuff and get their votes anyway.

I SAY “LET’S GO OVER THE FISCAL CLIFF!” Piss on the democrats and their cavalcade of ignoramuses. Sure, in 2014, the “Where’s my free stuff” crowd could give democrats control of the House and then we’ll really be screwed, but too bad. The customer is always right (or in this case, left). Let them have what they want. As the country descends into EU style chaos and dysfunctionality, the great experiment known as the U.S.A. will come to an end. Free enterprise will fade, the welfare state will take over and our standard of living will go down the tubes, but I’m betting that the masses will be happy. Like chronic law breakers who take comfort in the structure and control afforded by prison life, the union thugs, welfare leeches and professional bureaucrats will be only too happy to let the liberal elite control their lives.

And I say “So be it.” But personally, like Huxley’s Savage, once we’ve evolved into the socialist utopia envisioned by President Barack “Mustapha Mond” Obama, I’ll remain resolute: I’ll claim the right to be unhappy.

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