Sorry MS-NBC, Evil Corporate America Reacts to Tax Cut by Giving Bonuses to Workers & Raising Wages

Remember Chuck Schumer said “Don’t Make America Great Again?” I’ll bet they don’t at MS-NBC.

Leading up today’s signing of President Trump’s “big beautiful” tax cut, several pinheads on fake news sources like MS-NBC claimed that when corporate America got a tax cut they would just do what liberals know that evil capitalist pigs always do; that is, hoard the money and use it to add to purchase more solid gold faucets and mink-lined shower curtains for their private bathrooms. Wrong again, my pinko friends.

From Fox Business News:

Some of America’s biggest companies are launching new initiatives to benefit employees after the GOP-led House of Representatives approved the largest tax reform bill in three decades this week.

The $1.5 billion tax bill reduces the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% and changes the way the U.S. government taxes companies that also operate internationally. The new plan, which is expected to be signed by President Donald Trump by January at the latest, is being hailed as a major victory for corporations and wealthy Americans.

The companies, so far, are AT&T, Comcast, Fifth Third Bank, Boeing and Wells Fargo.

Read more here.

I think that his is a good time to remind you of this tweet from Sen. Chuck Schumer, from last January:


Don’t make America Great Again? That’s a great slogan for 2018, Chuck.

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